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Flying as a Non Smoker

One thing I forgot to mention in my previous post is flying as a non smoker. This was a revelation to me and warrants its own thread.

Flying and non smoking - Wow! What an experience (is this coming across as a bit mental? HA!):

1. I didn't hang around outside the airport for that last drag of a ciggie.

2. I didn't annoy my friend by going "Oh before we go through can I just pop outside for a quick ciggie (friend is unforgiving non smoker - and a "pop outside" is a 10 minute hike!!)

3. We had enough time for brekkie and a drink - without me having a major ciggie craving.

4. Had a nice stroll through duty free - not looking at ciggies.

5. I enjoyed the flight and laughed at the cr*p films.

6. I wasn't badgering the attendants to bring me booze all the time coz "I'm a smoker and can't cope"

7. I didn't fidget so much (but I am a born fidgetter as me mum and friends can testify)

8. I didn't nearly kill all the people in front of me who were taking an eternity to get their overhead luggage and get off the plane.

9. I didn't nearly pick up any old bag just so I could get out of the airport sooner to have a ciggie.

10. I didn't say to my friend "can I jsut have a ciggie before we get a cab" therefore delaying us getting to hotel.

11. I didn't sit in a stinky area with dodgy types puffing away.

I DID, however, have a great flight being smoke free.

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I know people normally give up for health or money but for me your post is one of the main reasons I actually gave up. Hubby and I travel a lot especially long hauls and I am honestly a nightmare on the flight.

Due to non smoking at airports, I no longer go through passport control until the final minutes (so I can have that last fag) and I am that person who is first off that plane at all costs and I must look like a drug smuggler to immigration as I am so jittery I'm surprised they have never searched me!!

Sadly I would not go to New Zealand this year purely as I could not bear the flight time (how sad is that). I’m looking forward to seeing the sights of the world without lighting up on famous land marks and constantly thinking where I can and can’t smoke.

Sorry for going on but thank you for this post, it really does make me damn certain I will not smoke again.


Oh and another thing, at least I will not attempt to light up that secret ciggie anymore in a restricted area!! I can not tell you how many airports I have had a secret ciggie in the loo knowing if I’m caught I would be thrown out or fined!!:eek:



Hello again - it really has changed travel for me. So go for it - then you can go to NZ - you can't let this stop you seeing all the great things in the world.

I know what you mean tho - a few years ago I was flying from San Francisco to Vegas and we were in the airport having gone through security. But as it was a US airport - and this was an internal domestic flight - there were steps and escalators out of the area we were in. So I thought I'd quickly pop for a ciggie and can just come back in. BIG MISTAKE! You can get out - but you certainly can't get back in (common sense should have told me this).

So my habit caused me the massive embarrassment of going back to the check in desk and explaining what happened and my passport etc was air side with my friends! Managed to get through after serious questioning and being put in an air vault thingy and loads of dirty looks from airpost security - just for a small white stick with some dried up leaves in it. MENTAL!!!!


I'm laughing here AG but I'm with you in spirit!! I did similar at Chicago airport but luckily I text my hubby and he was able to come back out with all of our bags and my passport and then we had to go through all the security checks again. My non smoking hubby was not amused to put it mildly.

I even had to take sleeping drugs coming back from Australia. WHY DID WE PUT OURSELVES THROUGH IT!!:mad:

Funny and sad at the same time, but not anymore. Glad you had a great holiday though xx


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