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At midnight izzy becomes a non smoker


After lots of procrastination I have decided at midnight tonight I will not smoke another cigarette ever.

My last attempt to quit failed after 6 months (Feb 2008 for 6 months), this was due to me stressing because of weight gain. This time around it will be different I am going to quit using CT alone, not replacing ciggies with food or alcohol, and I intend to lose weight this time around.

This time around I hate smoking even more than the last time I quit, I actually can't wait to quit.

So please wish me luck on my journey to both lose weight, stop smoking and make myself richer and healthier.

Thanks for reading.

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you know the pitfalls now so can be more aware.............get started on some excercise to try to halt the weight gain, eat healthy.

but then, you will know all good luck!

Hi Izzy,

Good luck:D I am sure you can do it this time.


Welcome and congrats on your new quit. good luck on your day one tomorrow keep posting here you will get tons of support. Look forward to getting to know you. Linda xxxx

Sounds as though you're starting with a great mindset.

Best of Luck!

Welcome to the forum and good luck with the quit You will get all the help you want on here

All the best

Thanks for all your kind messages of support, T-3Hrs42Mins and counting.

austinlegro11 Years Smoke Free

..At midnight izzy becomes a non smoker....

So much nicer than a pumpkin... :D

Hi Izzy!

Welcome to this forum - it has really helped me loads after several failed attempts.

Like you though, I got SO SICK of smoking - I was SICK of spending money on this habit, SICK of this habit controlling ME, SICK of worrying about the health risks and SICK of smelling like an ashtray.

I got to the point of looking forward to being free - although I was a bit nervous.

As it has turned out, the panics about how I will cope without a ciggie are worse before the situation that I'm panicking about! I was fine the day I quit and I have been fine in every situation since, even though I have been worried about a few situations.

I am still a bit panicky about going on holiday with smoking friends but I am more confident now that I will be able to cope with no problems when I get there!

You will be fine too. I'm glad you are looking forward to quitting - that is just the mindset that you need.

Post on here often and let us know how you are getting on!

Proud of you already......................... keep us informed x

Tomatpots10 Years Smoke Free

All the best izzy

Keep checking in and most importantly, dont smoke ;):D

hi Izzy,

you go for it girl, good luck and think positive at all times.

Since i stopped I eat like a horse ( not got any plates and have to use nose bags lol ) but I get out on my bike and ride miles, keeps the weight down and gets rid of any frustrations.


So far so good, quit smoking just before midnight and only one serious craving so far.

Stats so far:

8 hours, 48 minutes and 25 seconds. 7 cigarettes not smoked, saving £1.51. Life saved: 35 minutes.

(1/3 of the way through the day)

Good luck to any one else quitting today.

We have chosen the same day to quit so I will be behind you all the way too and I hope we can monitor each other's progress through that time!

We are making the right decision at the end of the day and that is what matters! See you on day 2 tomorrow. :)



Well done both and good luck for your day one. Just take things has they come hour by hour if need be at the start. Things improve a lot after the first 72 hours so keep strong.xxxxxxxxxxxx

Welcome to day one Izzy and Fergus,

Just wishing you well and letting you know you are not alone on this forum there wiil always be some one to help.


Oops, Isobel's been a bad girl :mad: and had a sneeky lunch time fix, however still determined as ever and ready for 'At midnight izzy becomes a non smoker (Take 2)'.

Me too - good luck

Hi Izzy im stopping at midnight tonight too.... good luck you can do it !!!


hi to you 78,its just a blip,dont give up on giving up,be strong,and keep the faith tony keep:D:D

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