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8 Months - yahhh


Galloping through.

I dont get on here as much as I wish I could but couldnt let the 8 months go by without a bit of a mention!

I cant believe how quick the last month has gone.

Both husband and I are still quit - I am soooo proud of him because he was the most reluctant quitter you ever did meet!

House nearly finished, decorating isnt going quite as I hoped (see Bella's thread) but we are nearly there.

Still have cravings from time to time but they are further apart and are soon crushed.

Weight loss is back on track and I should be somewhere near by the time I hit the beaches next summer. :D

Lovely to see so many Febbers still here.



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Hi Nog :D

CONGRATULATIONS 8 months smoke free is fantastic


Marg xxxxxxxx

Well done Nog, to you both. We Feb quitters are clever people aren't we. David


You are a minger but I love you still! Well done to you and hubby! Of course, you should pop in more often, but I will forgive you! Soon be xmas, then my birthday (presents please) then i'll start deciding how much to charge on the penthouse door to let such an untidy dragon in.... xxxxxx

Excellent...yet another Feb quitter blazing along. You guys are a solid quit crew.

Nogard, well done on 8 months and I hope the redecoration is coming along fine...but no paint splatters on the 'puter ;)

Dragon! Here's a bump for you too! 8 months need a bit more acknowledgment, don't you agree ;)

So here is to you fellow Feber:

Big Huge CONGRATULATIONS on 8 months Dragon! Nicely done :)

Deke9 Years Smoke Free

Nearly missed this, sorry. (thanks for the bump BB)

Great to see you at 8 months nogarD, brilliant stuff. And congrats to husband too.

Well done NoggerD on 8 months quit :)

From another Feb quitter who reached 8 months on the 26th of this month.

This penthouse better be prepared for the February 2010 rush :)


Well Done Nogard

Congratulations on 8 months ........2/3 of a year.

Well on your way to the penthouse.:D .....BRILLIANT !


Quit 28th April 2009

3 months patches

3 months C.T:)

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