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No Smoking Day
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hello Month 4!

Hi everyone, good to see a few names that I recognize in the Month 4 folder. I started on my fourth smoke free month at 9pm tonight - woooooooooo

Have the odd craving but very rare now, back to enjoying my nights out and all aspects of life without worrying about smoking all the time.

I'm keeping my guard up but beginning to feel like an ex-smoker rather than a smoker who is trying not to light up - long may it last!

Hi and best wishes to everyone on ze forum


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Well done, hope you are feeling really proud, just sent you a message, before i saw this.

glad to hear you are doing so well. would be nice to see you back here more often.


Ta very much Bev - have answered the message. I'll try and get on a bit more :)


hi chris,

i noticed your on attempt number 1...that is brilliant, im on my 6th try now & best ive ever made is just over a month

very well done!


Writerchris, hi and welcome back :)

Congrats on getting into the 4th month :) Great place to be in your quit now, and i know exactly what you mean about feeling like a non-smoker now. Although now our milestones are further apart and we don't so much count days and in some ways.. weeks now, we do keep our guard up.

Its much much better at this point and i'm glad to see you coping so well.

Nice one.



Hi and many thanks to everyone for their lovely congrats and best wishes!

Day 97 today so guess what my next big milestone will be? :)

Geoff (LE-6N-D5) thanks for saying I've done well giving up on my first attempt. You're even more impressive having the maturity and sense to stop at 16 - took me years to get there!

Jase and Joan - yup we are all doing well and long may it last!

Chrissie - aw I hope I can live up to the quote - know your enemy! hehe. I'm proud of you and Caz too!


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