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day 3.... all going good


today has been quite a good day. had a couple moments whare i fancied a fag but brushed that thought pretty quickly. aprt from that i don't really want one anymore, even when my wife is smoking at the back door i don't fancy one.

had a better night sleep last night aswell which i think helped, to be honest i think i got into bed and just passed out.

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Hi Werzal :D

Well done you day 3 is great glad everything is going well for you today and you've not had to many craves just a few minor ones just hang in there it just gets better Promise as time goes on



Hi Werzel, Well done on getting to day 3. My partner still smokes and I can't stand it now. Esp when he's just had one - the smell is just rank, and the taste!! lol

By the way, some of my family live in thatcham! small world.

i know what you mean about the smell already!!!

it is a very small world we live in

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