day 9 & it feels like i never smoked

im about to end day 9 & for a start i dont know why im still quittin as i lost paige, she been txting me but i dnt wanna txt back yet & i only really quit for her...i aint with her so more so i guess im doing it to keep my wallet healthy, im going game tommoz & treating myself to a £20 psn card for all thats happend & me not having a single fag at all through it

paige still cant grasp the concept of we can never be togher again *sniff sniff* as i got a txt where part said

mabye next year we can get back togher

well we cant as i said before to her we may be moving next year (yay, had enough of it down here)

went away for weekend (will post vids & piks in genral when i got time & when i can find usb for my phone...if i cant find usb im sorry & strangely enough i started writing my 1st song (refer to thread in week1 titled sommert like "another day gone")

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  • Welcome to week 2 Geoff.

    Need to stop for you no one else. Stay strong.

    L x

  • Hi Geoff :D

    Well done double figures for you today a nice milestone to reach

    I hope you enjoyed your weekend away



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