No Smoking Day
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Still going strong!

I'm ready to take day 3 by the balls! :D

I was starting to feel the strain a bit yesterday as it was my first day at work without a ciggy break - a tic-tac doesn't quite feel the same after a stressful situation! But I managed it and it can only get easier from here! :p

I went to visit a couple of friends last night and one of them smokes - but he was nice and didn't flaunt it too much - I even managed a couple of drinks!

Then last night my dreams were a bit less vivid - I must be getting used to these patches! I DID dream I had a fag though, woke up feeling all guilty, then was soooooo glad when I realised it was only a dream! Now as the weather's getting colder I'm just thinking - NO MORE GOING OUTSIDE IN THE COLD WHEN EVERYONE ELSE IS IN THE NICE WARM PUB!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope everyone else on day 3 is doing good! :cool:

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Time does seem to fly doesn't it, so in less than 24 hours you will be posting in the 4-7 section well on your way to a week, well done you.

Every time you face a situation and get through it, it will be easier the next time.

I still occasionally have the dreams, wake up feeling really down that i smoked, and then realising it was all a dream, and feeling really good about myself again.

As for the nice warm pub, i am so with you there. Raining outside, real fire inside know where i would rather be.


well done both of you, it will be nice to have you in the 4 - 7 day forum as it seems a bit quiet in there at the moment. I am only a day a head of you on day 5 and today seems to be my most positive day yet. So i am starting to believe that it does get easier and its not just a myth anymore.

Well done.


Well done to you both, be excited as each day is done and you are one more day closer to your goal of not thinking about cigarettes at all.

Wishing you all the best.



I can't wait to be in the 4-7 days forum! That'll be nearly a WEEK! :D


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