No Smoking Day
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not on day 1 yet

but im off to town soon and they have a non smoking stall there... going to go there and see what they say and what i can do to quit this time for good!!

tried given up numoroues times before but failed.. its usually around day 5 that there the craving get really bad !!

Iv been smoking since i was about 16 so roughly about 10 years, 15-25 a day... iv worked out i could save roughly £137 a month :eek: and with a 3 year old and debts to pay off i think it could come in very handy !!!

Hoping this site is going to be my safe havan when i need to rant about minor things when not getting my nicotine fix :D

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Hi Emma

Go for it, try Champix as it worked for me or lots of people make it with patches.

The biggest help was this site, so come back and moan and groan all you want and we will be with you all the way


yeah.. iv heard alot off good things about champix... pathces dont really work, they make me somke for reason & the gum makes me feel really sick!!

Cant wait to do this for real hopefully this time.... !!! Quite excited lol !


well iv got more patches.... ill give them a go and see how i go with them again :D

also got some lozenges to take aswell but need to get them tomorrow as they didnt have them in

Had CO off 19 !


Good luck Emma, I'm sure this time will be successful.


Good luck Emma, I'm sure this time will be successful.

thank you x


Emma, welcome. If i can say one thing though, patches don't make you smoke, only you do. The patches do give you a supply of nicotine over time, but you have to work with them and not give into the cravings which do still occur. The patches will help to ease the cravings but they won't take them totally away. You may find in times of stress you have some more difficult moments and challenges with your quit, but you must be strong during those times and definitely post on here your experiences and never be afraid to ask for advice... support is freely given by most here.

I quit using patches as has quite a few folk on here, so can definitely say that using patches, this forum and reading up about nicotine addiction and ways to handle cravings etc.. then you have a better chance of success.

Quitting smoking can be as easy as YOU make it.. but you do have to work for it.. the rewards make every ounce of effort worthwhile though, so stick at it.. one day at a time.

It is possible for you to succeed, you know this or you would not be trying.. so the very best of luck.. and i hope you do this.


Good luck Emma



thank you jase :D

The cravings got the better of me on the patches i think, thats why giving them another go this time... quite glad iv found this site really as never found anything last time i tried quitting :D


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