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Quitting champix advise needed

Well Im on day five of champix but have given up completely four days ago and Im coping well, so basically Im guessing by reading through the threads that the champix may not even be into my sytem by now. Do you think I should keep taking the champix, I wont be on the blue pills till Tuesday coming, and risk getting so used to these too that I will find it harder to come off??? or just carry on with the champix and wait to see what the nurse says in over a weeks time??? anybody ever had any experience of this before??

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Well done you on day 5 of champix day 4 of quitting

I also used champix and found it a huge help but I don't think I know of anyone else stopping as early as you have done

My Advice would be to stick with the champix at least until you see what your nurse says but I don't think you'll have a problem coming off it I haven't heard of anyone with problems stopping the champix either

I stopped it personally after 8 weeks 7 of not smoking I kept forgetting to take them for 2/3 days so just stopped and had no problems at all with that

As I say see what the nurse says and well done stopping so soon on champix keep it going you're doing just great

Hope that helps




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