Day 29 without nicotine

Hi there,

Once again I apologise for not being on here often as I have been very busy. I have been coping well, no cravings but I do seem to notice alot of people smoking these days, I don't think I ever noticed as many when I was smoking, anyway all has been well, only problem I have now is that now the colder weather is here I feel like I am starting to eat more, plus the gym doesn't seem as tempting after work, but I am still going. I think I just need to add some variety to my diet and also exercise and that should keep me motivated plus also as I am sure alot of you will understand, I don't want to put on that "winter weight".

Anyway enough about my diet and exercise, I feel so much better in myself for stopping smoking and as everyday passes you realise how easy it is to live without cigarettes and all you have to do is make that one step to getting help to quit. I do wonder what my life would of been like if I didn't contact the pharmacy way back on 15th june, Does anybody else? I think I would of continued smoking, not joined the gym, not changed my diet, not given blood and also not be as happy as I am now :)

Thanks for all the support that you give me and everyone else on the forums :)

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  • Hi Oli

    Well don you almost a month already is great keep going

    Hi Chrissie

    Good to see you back here again



  • I stopped after 3 months of a very worrying deep cough that started about November last year. I often wonder what bad place i'd be in now if i'd not called a halt to it all.

  • Well done Oli, your 29 days are great. I also noticed many more smokers and could smell it everywhere.

    Wishing you many more smoke-free days/weeks.


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