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Low cost alternative to the way I succeeded

Hi everyone,

You may have read how I quit smoking 5 years ago (see the 1 year > quit smoking 5 years ago section of this forum)

and how I spent over £1000 on a hypnotist and succeeded.

Well now I may have found a much cheaper alternative for all of you who want to stop smoking as easily as I did.

Getting a hypnosis session on CD from this site after one of my friends told me about how it seems to be making her want to smoke less and less. She's not given up yet but is well on her way as she's smoking far fewer now and the numbers still going down (she only started using it a few days ago).

I bought this CD myself and listened to it to see if it would be any use. It was very similar to the sessions I had with my hypnotist all those years ago.

I sent it back for a refund (it comes with a money back guaranteed for 3 months) as I had no use for it (I've already given up).

They sent me back my money very quickly and sent me a polite email with there apologies.

P.s. I'm not on commission here (honest:D) I'm just recommending it because I think its worth it.

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lol, bless em


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