alternate day fasting diet

i have starting this diet approximately two and a half weeks ago and have so far lost 8lbs, have done lots of research and all is good

you can do a 5:2 eat for 5 days fast for 2 [eating 500 calories women 600 men on fasting days] or you can fast on alternate days which is what i am doing i feel brilliant my tummy is shrinking by the day its so achievable as you are not restricted every single day like normal diets because on your feed days you eat what you want

i know this diet goes back hundreds of years and some of you may already be aware of it but i wasnt but i am very pleased to have found out about it as the results are amazing


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  • oh i watched that the other week and was thinking about giving it a go that was about the only one out of all the ones he tried that appealed plus i like the idea that it helps improve your memory


    now that is what i need more then anything as im sure ive got mice or something in my head eating all my memories i keep forgetting soo much scary or what :eek:

    well done Boo for doing so well on it :D

    keep us updated on your progress

  • another pound gone this is just beyond easy and today i eat what i like because i was fasting yesterday

    love it;


  • :D

    thats brill Boo

    so on your fasting days are you having the calories in one meal or splitting them up?

  • it depends on my fasting days on what mood i am in

    some days i just have cup a soups all day approx 50 ish calories and a couple of slices of weighwatchers bread [49 calories]

    sometimes i have porridge made with water [gruel i call it, its yuk but really fills you up] approx 140 calories couple of rivitas [37 cals each] with tomatoes [4-7 cals each] and mushrooms [4 cals each] and veg for dinner

    yesterday i had cup a soup and two slices of bread [150 cals] mid morning then a cup a soup mid afternoon [50 cals] then for dinner king prawns [100 cals] OMG they were lush iceburg lettuce [7 cals per 100g] and two slices of bread and a cup a soup before bed was just under 500 cals

    low sugar jellies are around ten calories have bought some in ready for tomorrow we are gradually expanding our fast day foods

    you have to count in margarine on your bread be carefull with drinks all extra calories i drink water on my fast days also salad cream etc all adds up it is shocking how quickly 500 calories are used

    my OH prefers to eat one meal and have all his calories in one go but i dont

    even though its very restricted you have to think you can eat what you want the next day so hey it aint so bad i find the hunger gets to a point then doesnt get any worse my weight loss seems to go down regardless of whether i am careful what i eat on my feed days or whether i eat junk so i eat generally sensible with a few treats thrown in best of both worlds then


  • Hi Boo - this sounds amazing and could be just what I need to help shift my post-quitting wobbly bits. Are you saying that on fasting days you can have 500 calories?



  • yes sue you can either do the 5:2 where you eat normally for 5 days and fast for 2 which i did at the start the two days are not consecutive just pick two days that suit you

    or the alternate day which is what i am doing now and is much better i feel.

    on the fasting days you eat upto 500 calories for women 600 for men

    on feeding days on the alternate day plan you can eat what ever you want but i find for a more drastic weight loss its better to eat sensibly with some nice treats and not go over the top

    once i reach my target weight i am gonna switch to the 5:2 plan


  • Thanks for posting this. It looks very interesting.

    Pre-quitting I was quite lean and mean, not really bothered by food at all. But nearly three months in I am straining to get my jeans done up! I may well make Monday my first low intake day.

  • will be seriously thinking about trying this out

    i just have to see my doctor beforehand just to make sure its ok

    damn health probs are a right pain in the you know what :rolleyes:

    how much has your other half lost?

    and are you in competition to see who can lose the most :p

  • hi carol yes best to ask doctor if you have health issues

    me and my partner are going down at exactly the same rate except he is 1 stone heavier than me its really annoying that i am not beating him i try to go for a secret power walk around the block but he always catches me and comes too just to make sure i dont beat him


  • Boo, I think that fasting and such is a great means to lose weight, but it needs to be done in the context of someone who knows what they are doing, or under the supervision of someone who knows what they are doing.

    If you don't know what you're doing then it becomes just another fad diet.


  • i am personally not into fads i know what you mean with the fad thing sooo many people i know start the couch to 5k thing and then they gradually stop doing it till they end up not going out anymore

    i like to fill myself with all the information i can lay my eyes on and with the world wide web its there just waiting to be read

    i only ever tried quitting smoking once and so far i am over a year and a half down the line, so if my fasting diet lasts that long i will be a size zero before i know it

    i really dont think my doctor has enough time for a few questions about calorie restriction as it takes 3 weeks to get an appointment as it is for illness, i am a sensible person and am still reading information about it on a continious basis and if at any point i feel unwell etc i will stop and seek medical advice , but to tell the truth i have felt exceptionally well, emotionally and physically and have lots more energy


  • i use this for my calorie counting

    has a comprehensive list of uk foods


  • eat for 5 days fast for 2 sounds good to me:p. i put 3.5 stone on in the first 5mths of my quit and it wont budge.


  • getting into it now first of all survived on cup a soups on my fasting days but after reading lots and checking out calories on various foods yesterday wasnt so bad

    i had for breakfast/lunch

    2 dark rye rivitas, two homegrown tomatoes [grown with my green fingers delicious even if i do say so myself] and a sugar free jelly

    and for dinner

    king prawns [mmm] with iceburg lettuce [lots of] two more yummy tomatoes [i have lots they are all ripening together] 3 mushrooms [raw] 3 spring onions, two slices of weightwatchers bread [be careful not to sneeze near it as it will blow away] and a sugar free jelly

    i did feel very full with this meal

    today is a feed day so preparing a full roast with minted lamb fillets

    had to find a belt this morning for my getting to loose trousers i feel a shopping trip coming on in the next few weeks


  • Hi Boo,

    Thanks for the progress report and tips!

    Seriuosly thinking of giving this ago. My weight will NOT shift. No matter what I do it stays the same :(

    Weighed myself this morning just to check what I was. Not been dieting but have been more sensible than usual to find I had put 2 pounds ON. WTF :eek:

    Must be my age. I have always managed to diet succesfully but now.......

    Will definately give this ago and make sure I get some sensible foods for my 'fast' days.

    Keep on updating and giving tips for your fast days.

    Gaynor :D

  • Hi Boo, yes thanks for posting this. I will definitely try it. Any tips will be gratefully recieved.

  • Thank you so much for posting the link. I was going to watch Doctor Who on iPlayer, but watched this instead. Very interesting.

    Another thank you for your meal ideas, good to know I can split the 500 cals and don't have to stick to just one meal.

    Came on here to get help quitting smoking and am getting diet advice too - this site is a winner :)

  • glad to be of assistance all is still going brilliantly its just normal now to eat one day fast the next

    i have got used to buying our food shopping according to our fast day and feed day now [i never do a big shop just buy as i need mostly reduced items to save the pennies]

    porridge oats made with water is a very good filler it doesnt taste to good but fill your belly for a long time and only 140 calories

    i am making the most of the salad items at the moment am going to continue to extend my fast day range

    had mushroom on toast today weightwatcher bread 47 cals mushroom 7 cals each so i pushed the boat out and had two pieces but mmm it was nice toasted

    well good news i think i am going to make it into the ELEVENS [stone that is] tomorrow on the scales, today is a fast day so always a good result the following morning

    maybe to some this wont sound great but it is amazing for me havent seen the elevens since having two babies very close in age and quitting smoking gained a stone with the quit

    today we walked to our local asda etc and i couldnt stop looking at myself in the shop windows i looked amazing even if i do say so myself

    this diet is the best thing i have ever done after quitting smoking that is this diet is beyond easy and as i am not restricted every single day like normal diets just on my fast day and can eat normally on a feed day its a no brainer for me


  • Started today, first fast day. Had 100g mushrooms, cooked in a little water with some balsamic vinegar added towards the end. Surprisingly filling for breakfast. Only a couple off cup-a-soups since. Off to make some porridge now. I love it made with water & hate it with milk, but will need to add some sweetner.

  • I did say at the begining of this thread I may give it a go, well Mrs KK and my goodself have been doing it (umm that does'nt read right) I mean on this diet for two weeks now and the results are---

    Mrs KKs weight loss = - 2 lb:)

    KKs weight loss = - 5 lb :)

    The two fast days are mon and wed and we eat our normal meals on the other days.

    Neither of us are very overweight but we are according to the NHS guidelines overweight, so we do have lbs to lose.

    Our aim is to lose 1 stone each before Xmas.

    So does this diet work, I would say YES

    Is it easy to follow, again YES

    Will we continue with it, YES

    It should be noted that we do not normally eat junk food and we are both moderately active,:D and both drink wine with most evening meals.

    If anybody is still considering this diet I would say it is well worth a try with the obviously caveat that "if in doubt, consult your GP" but don't expect your GP to know much about it as there have not been many if any human trials, but if you are a mouse or a rat you should be ok.


    absolutely brill news i am still on the every other fasting day as i had baby weight and quitting smoking weight to lose

    i am over the moon i am steadily losing at least 1 and half to 2lbs a week on a consistant basis it is totally amazing i generally eat sensibly and very rarely drink i have on my eating days been having a naughty day maybe once a week and i still consistantly lose the same weight

    we went out for the day with the kids last weekend and it turned out we had to have two eating days in a row i thought yay this will make a nice change but i felt quite ill by the end of the second day i felt bloated, clogged up and if you had cut me open i would have been just full to the brim with food, yet we hadnt over eaten those two days just had two light days but i really looked forward to my fasting day after that

    i feel so much better in myself my weight has dropped, my skin is cleaerer, and i feel kinda clensed inside , its hard to explain

    am i carrying on with this YES i certainly am i have not a shred of doubt this is right for me and when i reach my target weight i am gonna switch to the 5:2 fasting just to keep my weight stable and my body clensed on the inside


  • I've been a bad boy today, well not realy as its a foodie day, so we went out for a pub lunch, best looking thing on the menue ----burger and chips----and Mrs KK had ham, two eggs and chips and a pint of best bitter each, jeez it was good.

    Also met a very nice couple who joined us lunch, did'nt know them from Adam,but we all got on well and had a lot in common, so all in all, a great lunch, but alas it's a fast day tomorrow.

    Onward and upwards


    sounds like a lovely day out

    according to the documentry it doesn't make virtually any difference whether you have naughty food or good food on your eating days as long as you dont exceed your intake of food so much that it makes up for the fasting day apparently people generally eat 110% only going slightly over your recommended daily calorie intake

    i have found whether naughty or good i still lose weight on that cycle of fast for a day eat for a day even if its only a quarter of a pound after a naughty day it is still a loss if i am good its generally half a pound loss for the matter of a quarter of a pound i tend to have at least a couple of naughty days a week lol and still weigh less than the previous week so thats all that matters

    i have come to look forward to my fast days now at the start i really missed eating lots but as time has gone on when i am on an eating day by the evening i feel bloated and clogged up [even when i am good] so i now look forward to my fast days cause it hard to explain but i feel clean inside kinda like a detox i presume

    i am on an eating day tomorrow really fancy porridge with MILK mmm i have it with water on a fast day so milk is like having double cream also i want to have a ginger beer shandy mmm thats tomorrow sorted


  • I've blown it. My husband is working away for 2 weeks and I have done nothing but eat since he left. I feel sick, have no energy and have gained about 4lbs in a week. Was planning a pizza and chips night with the children tonight, think I'll make it a jacket potato, fish and sald night. I think a fasting day is in order tomorrow. I honestly think that the fasting was responsible for my energy boost (possibly because I was eating so much salad and not chocolate, biscuits or cake).

    Gonna go and eat an apple now, then abandon my iPad and get moving.

  • I've blown it. My husband is working away for 2 weeks and I have done nothing but eat since he left. I feel sick, have no energy and have gained about 4lbs in a week. Was planning a pizza and chips night with the children tonight, think I'll make it a jacket potato, fish and sald night. I think a fasting day is in order tomorrow. I honestly think that the fasting was responsible for my energy boost (possibly because I was eating so much salad and not chocolate, biscuits or cake).

    Gonna go and eat an apple now, then abandon my iPad and get moving.

    ahh bless you

    i have found i have energy on my fasting days and on my eating days i feel all lethargic and lazy

    i am on my eating day today but not gonna go mad have a sensible one i think


  • Thank you, I will try to keep to a short break or I may have to be surgically removed from my chair.

    Not fasting today, but consciously eating healthier and a lot of gardening to do today :)

  • Ohh, I do alternate fasting! Though some weeks I do the hard core version (one day eating, one day not) and other weeks I do the 'soft' version and only fast 2 days a week (depending on how bad of a week I'm having!)

    So far i've lost about 6lbs altgoether (3lb on the 1st week, 2lb on 2nd week and 1lb on last week) So not doing too badly!

  • Annie, you've not blown it, you've just had a break from it, you are allowed to you know.

    Just start again when you are ready:)


    Kind words KK! Sometimes we just need to hear people say things like that!

  • yay oh yay i am officially in the ELEVENS on a night time weigh in hehehe well happy havent seen elevens since having my last two babies very close together and quitting smoking all in very quick succession

    i have lost all my smoking weight and half my baby weight my next target is 11 stone as that will put me in the healthy range on the old nhs charts

    i have lost 2st and 2lbs in total now, 1 stone i lost by just cuttng out crap then my weight kinda held and i didnt lose anymore then i saw the documentry for the 'fasting diet' and waaayheeey off we went again and 1 st 2lbs has melted off and i am in my 7th week of this diet i absolute love this it, having a lush homemade roast tonight its feed day wat more could a girl ask for


  • That's fantastic, Boo.

    I am interested on the 5:2 diet. But more from the health benefits rather than weight loss. I am not sure how to do it and not lose weight. Surprisingly my weight hasn't crept up this quit, probably because I am really making an effort not to eat crap. I am pondering whether to do the fast one day a week.

  • hi ellie

    once i reach my target weight i am going to to swap to the 5:2 fasting at the moment my first priority is the weight loss because being over weight is unhealthy but once i am in a healthy weight range [which wont be long just 1 stone left hehe] then my priority goes over to keeping my IGF-1 levels low as this will put me in safe boundarys so you are less likely to contract cancer, diabetes and heart disease

    when i watched this documentry it really sparked something in me firstly i could achieve a healthy weight and at the same time i could get my IGF-1 levels down to safe levels, the alternate day fasting is achieving this and then the 5;2 will maintain and stabilize my weight hopefully and still keep my IGF-1 levels low to

    if you think about it we have food at our fingertips everyway we turn ready meals, junk, takeaways, snacks etc etc its no wonder we get tempted from time to time and this fasting is basically back to caveman days, cavemen went out killed and ate then they might not have ate again for a few days till they hunted and killed again so it kinda goes back to that concept, cancer etc are reasonably recent disease so something changed and i believe its the vast availability of food and so much processed food also

    i just remember reading a few years ago about 'faceman' from the A team and he was diagnoesed with cancer and he shut his self away changed everything he ate and cured himself [not sure how factual any of the story is] but this also matches the claims of this diet so i do believe that diet has alot to do with modern diseases

    when i am on a fast day its shocking how easily 500 calories add up so it has made me very aware of how many calories i intake on my eating day and above all it made me realise how every single day before this i was definately above the recommended 2000 cals a day even though i always thought i was well with in it

    so yes i do think one day a week would be beneficial to you ellie as you would bring your IGF-1 levels down which would be the best thing anyone can do, do your research read all you can i am not a doctor so my advice is not official or anything but to me it all makes perfect sense


  • this makes very interesting reading '


    heres the dirk benedict link


  • just over a week on this diet

    I started this diet just over a week ago. I read the book first and am following it almost to the letter. On my down days I eat 500 cals through slim fast products (bars and cheesey crisp things). I have not changed anything really on my eating days, although I am making more effort to stock up on healthy things like fruit and vegetables - but otherwise I am eating as I normally do.

    Thankfully I took my start measurements as well as weight otherwise I'd have been really disheartened by a meagre 1 3/4 11b weight loss after a week :( However, I did lose 2 inches around my waist.

    I will update when I next weigh in (next monday).

    On another positive note, I am feeling much less achy and sluggish than I was before I started. Also really enjoy my food more on the eating days.

    I found the first day of not eating the hardest; since then my fast days have been much easier to handle - also it's easy to stick to as I know that the next day I can eat normally and it's not 'breaking my diet'. I feel quite hopeful that this is a diet I can follow as long as it works. I have about 12 pounds in weight to lose (7 of those gained in the first few weeks of stopping smoking).


  • second week on diet completed

    I started the third week on this diet yesterday. However, I didn't weigh myself until today because we were visiting family over the weekend and I had 3 eating days in a row. So I had a fast day yesterday and weighed myself this morning. I have lost another 2 lb. I didn't expect to have lost any really as I only had 2 fast days last week. I have also lost another half an inch round my waist.

    I can't say I'm feeling any better by much... although I still feel less achy than I had been. I am still on the champix which has given me insomnia for weeks and so I look permanently tired (because I am tired!). I'm hoping that once I stop taking champix I will sleep better and start to look and feel better.


  • i am still here and still in the elevens and gradually getting lower i did register a 11st 11lbs yesterday on an empty stomach but today is an eating day so still just in the elevens this is how it goes a very gradual but very constant loss

    i am very proud of my fellow fasters

    i read your post mr kitkat about mrs kk saying its abit like when u first married i know what you mean me and mr boo are like a pair of silly kids somedays lol


  • A club within a club!

    Looks like we've got another little support club going within the support forum!

    I love this about this forum.

    I look forward to posting about my progress with the diet as much as I do about my quit progress.

    Lauren :D

  • KKs update for the end of week 5

    KK - 8 lbs in total which is another 1 1/4 lbs lost:)

    Mrs KK - 5 1/4 lbs in total (which is 1/4 lb gained):confused:


    Congratulations KK - but Mrs KK must be confused and well annoyed! Maybe it's hormornal (I know at certain times I have around a 2 to 4 llb gain which disappears by itself a few days later).

    I am not going to weigh myself until Wednesday which will be the day after my next down day. Today was meant to be a down day but I at dinner tonight :o and tomorrow my boss is taking me to lunch as I'm changing jobs soon. So Tuesday is my next down day - so weigh in on Wednesday.

    KK, am I right in thinking that it's 2 fast days a week you and MrsKK are doing?


  • Glad to see everyone is doing well today i am safely in the elevens today I tipped the scales at 11st10lbs can u believe it, me well and truely in the elevens even on an eating day I will no longer go into the twelves now my clothes that used to fit tightly are beginning to hang on me but I am over the moon at looking scuffy in my too big clothes a shopping trip is Definately In order


    Ha my 1000 post this was how perfect was that wat a brilliant post for it to be

  • Great stuff Boo so glad to hear you are dong so well:)

    thankyou una i am so pleased and this diet is beyond easy my husband is doing brilliant to we are losing the same eccept he is one stone heavier he is a man to he is allowed to be i suppose lol


  • Weighed myself yesterday morning and I was just livid as I'd gained 21b. Then I weighed myself again, and again and again - I was anywhere between the same weight as last week and gaining 4lb. I didn't believe any of them after that!

    So my conclusion for the end of the third week is that I need some new scales!

    On a positive note, I have lost another half an inch round my waist and half an inch off from round my hips. I will keep going, because if anything, even though the scales are confusing and obviously rubbish, I FEEL slimmer and have lost a total of 3 inches round my waist and one inch off my hips.


  • KKs update for the end of week 6

    KK - 9 3/4 lbs in total which is another 1 3/4 lbs lost:)

    Mrs KK - 6 3/4 lbs in total which is another 1 1/2 lb lost:)

    I have now reached my first target weight, which is a weight I am happy with.

    I am now pushing on to reach my next target weight which is a weight I have not been for over 20 years.

    The weight is coming off very slowly for both of us, which is good as they do say the slower it comes off the slower it goes back on.


    absolutely brill yes they do say slowly is good i know people who lost it quick and yes they have gained it back quick

    getting in the elevens was my second target [my first was to get to 12st 5 lbs] today is a not eating day so i think by tomorrow morning i will be 11st 9lb [maybe less if the fat fairies turn up in the night which they tend to after a no eating day] single figures on the lbs yeeee haaaa my next target early elevens and i know i will reach it hopefully by xmas


  • scales are rubbish

    Hey KK (Mrs KK) and Boo.... looks like this is working really well for you.

    I'm still sticking with the diet but have given up weighing myself as I either go up or don't move!

    I'm doing around 2 or 3 down days a week and am very careful counting the calories (always erring on the side of caution and rounding things up rather than down when counting). On my eating days I am not exactly angelic but neither do I over eat. I am reasonably active and always busy (work full time and run the home) so very limited opportunity for lounging around and eating.

    Why am I not appearing to have the same success with this diet as others report? Really weird. Could my metabolism have dropped so low due to giving up smoking that I don't burn enough energy to lose weight?

    Anyway, I'm going to keep going with it as I refuse to believe that it won't work eventually.


  • KKs update for the end of week 7

    KK - 11.5 lbs in total which is another 1 3/4 lbs lost

    Mrs KK - 8 lbs in total which is another 1 1/4 lb lost

    Still the weight comes off slowly, Mrs KK has now gone over the 1/2 stone mark which is great and I am getting ever closer the the 1 stone mark:)


    wow, amazing... well done you both :D

    Well my update - I weighed myself this morning and weighed 3 lbs more than I did when I started 5 weeks ago!!! :eek:

    Obviously my scales are utterly rubbish... so I'll go back to my other plan of not weighing myself

  • This diet looks fab! Thanks so much everyone for sharing it - and all the tips of what to eat on the fasting days.

    Starting on my first 'fast' day tomorrow - I want to lose 1/2 stone so doing the 5 -2 and seeing how that goes! Almost as excited as I was when giving up the old fags :D

  • KKs update for the end of week 9

    KK - 12 lbs in total which is, ummm the same as last week:mad:

    Mrs KK - 8 3/4 lbs in total which is another 1 lb lost :)

    Looks like I may have to add an extra fast day in order to kick start the weight loss or watch what I am eating/drinking on the feed days.

    It could be that my body is getting use to the reduced intake, if thats the case, Xmas could be a problem.

    Oh well, not to worry just yet


    Ps would love to know how others are doing or am I on my own now:confused:

    I think that is a decent weight loss for both of you, I would be pleased with that, you have lost almost a stone and Mrs KK has almost lost a pound a wekk which is how you should lose weight, if it comes off too quickly it goes back on quickly too. Well done I say to both of you.

  • well done my fellow alternate day fasters

    been on holiday for a week kept to my eat, not eat regime but did eat rather more on my eat days than normal because we were on holiday

    but i am still the same weight as when i left so am over the moon i didnt lose but then didnt expect to because we had lots of treats main thing is i didnt gain thats all that matters for this week

    well done kk and mrs kk on track for xmas


  • All going well here still doing every other day its like totally normal now down in the single figures of 11 stone now absolutely love it

    started running last wednesday with friends, 2 and half miles with out stopping , omg totally amazed with myself am going again tonight and really looking forward to it

    felt so much lighter on my knees and ankles whilst running [felt like a gracefull gazelle running along rather that a chubby flubby hippo like animal thats how i used to feel when i went running before i lost this weight]

    my double chin has disappeared completely and i have stopped deleting pictures of me from the camera

    and when we walk along our row of shops i make my OH walk on the outside of me so i can see my reflection in all the windows abit vane i know but i am so pleased with how i look now


  • Brilliant that Boo, really pleased for you:)

  • Hi Boo, I can really relate to what you've posted there. I was 12 1/2 stone for years til may this year and I bit the bullet and lost weight so I could stop smoking. I lost 1 1/2 stone in 3 months and I couldn't believe the difference it made to my self confidence. It sounds silly doesn't it but it took me from where I was at 41 to where I felt like when I was in my 20's. I was confident in my 20's and I haven't been since.

    I wasn't even going to attempt my quit til I got down to 9 1/2 stone but got chest pains so it had to be September (too soon weight wise), now I'm heavier than I was before I started and I don't care for now. At least I'm not that much heavier than I was before I dieted.

    I'm so pleased that you feel the way you do now, I've been there and I couldn't believe how good it felt! You deserve it for what you've done Boo xxx :D

  • yee haa i have finished sticking at my current weight and am on my way down again still religiously do my alternate day fasting its like normal now

    have taken up running twice a week not the best weather but you soon warm up feeling good right now

    hope all you fasters are doing well too


  • hello guys

    am back on it had an eating day christmas day AND boxing day then straight back on to a not eating day and i felt like i truely needed it after two eating days am back down to pre christmas weight yay


  • Hey Boo and Kitkat

    Happy New Year :)

    I have bought the book, joined the fb group and had 2 (non-consecutive!) fast days, I am currently in bed with a horrible throat infection and have decided today is also a fast day but with the hope of turning on the body's repair gene / reducing inflammation! Think it'll work?

    I noticed a pound loss after my first fast day (am about 10lb over my ideal) but Christmas and New Year totally took over :o:p I am looking forward to getting back to normal and start again properly with some exercise too.

    Hope you're having a good Friday xx

  • i to have joined the facebook page


  • have joined a facebook page Alternate Day Fasting (ADF) lots of info and real experiences of this diet

    i am still losing buy the way have some before and after pic on the forum


  • Hi all,

    I have read all these posts but it is rather late so I think I may of missed the link for the book and tv programme can anyone help? would really lik to start this diet asap xxxx

  • yummy yum a maccy d beakfast wrap on my eating day and two chocolate digestives so far but what ever weight i gain today i will lose tomorrow on my not eating day love this diet


  • hello all

    am still doing alternate day fasting have lost a whole 3 stone now all my smoking weight and baby weight GONE yay still going for another half stone so I can look hot for my holidays in august which will be a whole year on my fasting diet once I reach my target happy weight I will switch to 4;3 [four days eating 3 fasting] just to maintain my weight and still running tonight I ran 5.3 miles am loving new non smoking, thinner , happier running me

    sure beats sitting on my back doorstep like a smelly old chimney wish I had done this years ago


  • mmmmmmmmmmm a fasting cookbook I may have to get that my fasting days can get a bit repetitive


  • Hey. When you fast are you weaker during workouts/running?

  • I couldn't workout until about a month into fasting and my body had adjusted, now I prefer to workout on my fast days, I run three miles on my fast days generally or at the very least a good long walk

    just listen to your body and don't over do it if u don't feel up to it.

    its like I work night shift and if its a fasting day on a work day and I feel a bit whoozy I will eat something small and sensible even if it knocks me over my calories


  • Hi folks, I've just finished reading through this thread and all the links in it and I really think I need to give this a go. I've piled on the pounds significantly since quitting and this is on top of the extra Christmas weight so now it's quite a mountain to climb!:eek: It's not the easiest thing for me to do as I'm out of the house 12 hours a day, 5 days a week and not getting home til nearly 7pm means that I eat much later than I would by choice when trying to lose weight. I'm also often too tired to make the effort to cook properly so can anyone recommend any fasting day cheats that I could perhaps make use of? Or if there are any fasting day recipes that I could cook and freeze so they would only need reheating? Any and all advice will be much appreciated!

    What about eating your main meal at lunchtime and using weekends as your fasting days or is that not possible?

    I can tell you how to make a lovely minestrone type soup that is tasty and good for you and it's quite filling too. I can also give you a idea or a lovely filling and healthy breakfast if you like. Let me know and I will message you with details

  • Hi Kat,

    I've given this fasting malarkey a go iver the last few weeks just to boost weight loss a bit as I'd lost about 3 stone but plateaued a bit. Like you I don't get in until late (probably later than you) but its been fine. On fast days I skip breakfast, for lunch have cup a soup, sugar free jelly pot and a Satsuma and then evening meal varies but last one I had was a mushroom omelette with salad. I personally don't think I can do it long term as I like to eat, particularly when exercising but I know a lot who have had much success with it.

    Good luck :-)

  • all I need to say is size 12 ..........................................................

    OMG I made it and I didn't even need to lay down to put them on


  • The mail on Sunday (3/11/13) is publishing a free magazine with 25 recipes for the 5:2 diet if anyone is interested.


    If you want to save the price of the paper, it'll probably be available FOC on their website - the whole paper is, and think their diet thingies are!!

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