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day 10...again!

Here again. But i feel wonderful and am soo happy to be quit again, this has been far easier then any other attempt and I am soo pleased to be a non again! I have had a numb feeling the last few days but that seems to have passed now, I havn't really linked that to the quit (which is odd as normally I blame everything in my life going wrong on quitting in the first few weeks!)

I have also given up sugar this week, not to mention alchohol a while ago ( (how boring am I?!) But have felt much more profoundly about this then the fags, also I have craved sugar a bit, but not ciggarettes at all, which makes me wonder if my addiction to ciggarettes actually started with an addiction to sugar in childhood, that i just moved to fags as I 'grew up'... interesting. Either way it has taken me on an emotional journey and has lead to weight loss this time, I suppose my normal subsitute of cake must have been the problem after all!

Anyways, I hope everyone is feeling well and strong today,

Thanks for the support :)

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Goodmorning, and good for you, so no nicotine, no sugar, no alchohol, remind me not to invite you to my party:p

Day 10 is really good you should be proud, very nearly two weeks.

As for the link between sugar and cigs, i don't know but i agree it could be very interesting. I have to say as a kid i did have lots of sweets.

Glad you feel strong in your quit, keep it up and of course let us all know how you are getting along.


Hi Sachmo :D

WOW double figures today that's great keep it going




Well done, keep up the good work, you have stopped so many things you have to be one of the healthiest people here.

Wishing you many more smoke-free weeks.




I think I am a little addicted to quitting things :)


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