Hello Week 3

Hard to believe that I'm already 2 weeks down as of yesterday!! Been doing ok for the most part. Was a little apprehensive going in to this weekend, since we have company staying with us. It has been lots of talking, eating and drinking but no smoking!! I even had a wee bit too much wine last night and hardly gave much thought about smoking – it was very satisfying to know I can still do all the things I enjoy, sans cigarettes.

I realize its early in my quit and I still have a long journey ahead of me. I know I'll have my ups and downs, and be blind-sided a few times with crazy thoughts and wants – but I will stay positive and know that I have all you wonderful people here at my fingertips, offering love and support every step of the way. I'll take it one day at a time, but I'll see you all in the penthouse next year, because I really like being a non-smoker!!!

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  • Fantastic Que, really doing great. It's great that you are enjoying everything and seeing how good being a non smoker is already. Love it 😄

  • Brilliant Que, what a lovely positive post :) xx

  • Que, doing fantastic, those hard times do indeed become less.

    Into week three, bet you never thought you could do it but you have and may I say in great style, look forward to you updates

  • Well done Que :)

    Great stuff on having a drink and not a smoke, I'm proud of you.

    I have several bottles of homemade gooseberry wine out in the cellar, maybe I'll celebrate week 4 with one.

  • Well done glad to hear how well your doing

  • Well done Que, you gave done well

  • Wonderful Que, week 3 is amazing.... :)

  • Yay Que! Smoking urges will come and go, but believe me you've done the worst of it, and I for one could never do the first weeks again which kept me off the fags. Good isn't it :) x

  • Yes Caroline, it feels great and I really don't ever want to go back - OMG if I did I would have to buy a new set of clothes. In fact Its pushing it right now!!

  • Thank you everyone, you all are so nice:) Happy Wednesday!!

  • Good going, Que. A realistic but positive post. You can do well with this, and having the forum in mind often is worth its weight in gold. And at two weeks, into your third, can you really recall how difficult day 1, 2..... was? I can't remember mine. It's like doing a run. It was so painful at times, at the time. But once it's passed, it's like, what on earth was all my anxiety about. The present is the hardest bit, until we remember the successes from the past.

  • Deep but true, walkabout!

  • I know Incy. My depths ever run deep.

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