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Well here I am on Day 15 - The start of Week3. There's been ups and downs but I'm here all the same.

Still have horrible cold sore scabs from last week though (lovely, I know!)

Has any body else felt tired from quitting? I thought that I would have more energy by now but mine seems to have been zapped. I seem to be tired constantly

Penguin x

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Well done you, i will start day 14 at noon so keep a seat for me in week 3.

As for sleepy, OMG yes, but not this time. My last quit i felt sleepy for about the first 2 weeks and then it passed. I would say it was your body demanding more rest so give in and get some early nights, it will do you the world of good, also of course check what your eating, make sure you are getting plenty of fruit and veg.

You sound so up for it this morning and that is so good to hear, one day at a time and we will get there.


That's what I like to see - positivity :D

Congrats on 2 full weeks - into week 3, nice.

Sleepy? Oh yes.

Entirely normal for the first few weeks - if you find it getting too much, try some over the counter remedy like Nytol or similar.

Keep it going now, onwards and upwards :D


Just had some super berry anti-oxidant muesli stuff......Feeling awake now!!

Today is my Friday (am off tomorrow and Thurs) So looking forward to my weekend!!! (smoke free!)

Go, Bev, go!!

Saving you a lovely, comfy seat in Week 3 (with a big, bar of galaxy chocolate mmmmm)

PP x


Hi PP :D

Huge well done2 weeks done and dusted is great keep it going

Lots of us feel permanently tired early in a quit but it does get better and easier the further you go promise




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