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For all the august quitters

I have desided to make a group for all the august quitters and its called - August Cigarette Escapers - ACE...So all the august quitters please join if you would like to.And just in case some people dont know how to join i will expalin.

Click the user cp

Then click social groups

Then click on August Cigarette Escapers

Then click join

Thanks hope to see you all there:D

lee x

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I made a similar one for the July folk 'The July Alliance (2009)' just now. Good idea that!


I'm part of your group now Jase. :)


and why not :)


I joined July too - thanks Jase!



Anyone else who has quit in august want to join our group?

Lee x


love the name ace, well i just also have to say why we on about groups:D

I made one called the jolly junes (for june quitters) of which I am all alone in :(

anyone welcome even if you want to pretend you quit in june:D im fine with that xx


Hi Lee...I shall do I go about this....Kez. Cancel that I read the first


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