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Any Good hypnotherapist?


Hi All

I have finally decided to stop smoking again, for the millionith time, Its really effecting me that i cant stop smoking and driving me insane. I was going to try Hypnotherapy, has anyone tried it and could they recomend any good hypnotherapists in Manchester, im willing to travel to London if that gets me too quit.

Your help would be much appreciated.

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Hi Vantage :D

Well done deciding to take the plunge again, I'm sorry I know nothing about hypnotherapy but expect someone will be along to help you later

Good Luck

Marg xxxxxxx

hi vantage -

congratulations on deciding to stop. I have been two two different hypnosis sessions for smoking and found them useful but they didn't do it for me long term. I hope it works for you. I think everyone is different and different methods work for different people.

Having tried pretty much every method out there i can say that nothing has come close to the effectiveness of Champix in my personal experience. though patches and NHS support group were pretty good as well.

good luck and post often on here for support - it really does help,



Hi Bman/Marg

Thanks for your replies, I did consult my doctor regarding champix but he suggested that its not suitable for me, so hence I'm trying other avenues, i have tried basicly everything beside hypnotherapy some websites state they have a 94% succes rate, but I also know i have to take these figures with a pinch of salt thats why I would love to hear someone who has actually tried it and if they could recomend someone.



I never used a hypnotherapist for quitting but I did to help me pass my driving test. I was a bag of nerves the week before my test, I was snapping at everyone, I even ran out the car half way through a lesson :o. I passed my test first time and I'm sure it's because I went to the hypnotherapist. I live in London and I used this lady londonhypnotherapypractice..... Good luck with your quit :).

My Dad has been stopped now since the smoking ban came in on 1st July 2007, so nearly 2 years, after smoking for about 35 years and he did it by listening to the Paul Mckenna tapes. He's normally very sceptical about things like hypnotherapy as well, but it worked for him :)

I quit for 4 months a while back using Paul McKenna's system.

Not sure if you'd tried it, but it's a 4 part course and part 3 is a full hypnosis session that you listen to every day for 2 weeks, lasting roughly 25 minutes each time. I loved it!

I have tried to quit again with it since, but my heart wasn't really in it. I would reccomend it to anyone. If nothing else, it is great to help you relax, especially at night.

May be worth trying before you travel the length of the country and spend a lot of money to see someone in person.

Just a thought.....


Hi, i just want to say well done on ur decision and i know of 3 people who have used this lady and all are still successful quitters after between 7 months and 2 years so well worth a try and she also is very very reasonable at about £50 i think.....(I never went down this route as i have a fear of the 'unknown'. let me know how u get on xx

Any Good hypnotherapist?

I just joined, but I am using self hypnosis to quit and it seems to be working exceptionally well. I am at day 5. I found scripts I liked on the internet and took what I liked from each one, added my own sections and wordings and created my own hypnosis tape in my own I was the therapist talking to the client, but in my own voice. I programmed it to cover every situation I could think of where I would want to smoke and built in a trigger word I could say or think that would quickly help lower stress and cravings. It is a long tape, nearly 45 minutes and a good half of it is getting into a relaxed state to begin with.

I listen to the tape every night and while I do still hit some tough spots (hence the reason I joined the list) I am amazed at how well it is working. I think it works so well because it is my own voice-a voice I know and trust-and because I know myself well enough to have built in for as many scenarios as I could think of.

The word I use is "Free" and I have it working on the tape something like this:

Driving in the car will not make you want to smoke. Non smokers do not need to smoke when they are driving and you are a non smoker. Because you are a non smoker you will not have the desire to smoke when you are driving either..because you are FREE.


Anytime you hear, speak or think the word FREE your breathing will automatically slow down and deepen. Because you are FREE.

Anytime you hear, speak or think the word FREE the muscles in your scalp and face will relax.

Because you are FREE.

Anytime you hear, speak or think the word FREE you will feel calm and focused.

Because you are FREE.

Anytime you hear, speak or think the word FREE you will have no desire for a cigarette.

Because you are FREE.

and so on for every scenario. I don't claim it will work for everyone but it is working for me, in fact, I heard the word "Free" on the radio yesterday at work. I wasn't even craving at that time and I had to laugh when my breathing deepened and slowed down and I felt the muscles in my head and face relax.

I have a small, hand held recorder and small tapes.

It took awhile to set it all up but it was well worth the few hours spend making sure it was all written just right and recorded. I listen to it every night. I have recorded another one @ 10 minutes in length to reinforce not needing a cigarette and for energy. I plan to use it today on my "Not Smoking Break" and see if it works too. I have a thyroid condition and am REALLY feeling the lack of energy now.

I don't know if something like this would be beneficial to you, but it is another option-and no-I am not a professional. I am an office manager by day and a knitter by night.:p


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