The Me v Marlboro Scrap

Looks like I'm winning. El Marlboro won't be getting a penny more out of me.

Its three months ( more or less ). I'm delighted.

Thanks to everyone on here.

If anyone has stopped and is using nicorette chewing gum and wants to stop

doing that try airwaves chewing gum and pretend. It worked for me.

Also, try and stay away from the cig scene. The bans in work and pubs etc have really helped me.

Thanks again to everyone. I read a lot on here.

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  • Hi Noddydog :D

    Well done indeed 3 months quit is great hope you feel proud of yourself



    Marg xxxxxxxx

  • Well done Noddy and I used to be a Marlborough smoker too and that link BB gave you is shocking, you definetly won't want to smoke another one after reading it.

  • Well done 3 months is fantastic!

  • Brill

    Well done to you, Had to buy my mate some malbrough lights the other night, couldnt believe the price now..... Kaz:)

  • well done noddydog, thats fantastic, 3 months is a great milestone, you have it cracked!


  • Very well done Noddydog 3 months is a great achievement. I feel good that the government are no longer getting tax from me like they used to.

    Keep up your great quit.


  • Hi Noddydog


    You have done really well 3 months is great it feels good to reach a mile stone.




  • Well done :) Money is better in your pocket ;)

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