200 days for me

Hi all in 26 mins i will be at 200 days quit. sorry Ive not been around but my daughter had a lovely baby girl 8ib 12oz. But had a really bad time since last wednesday both labour and birth and had a c section in the end. then the next day the baby had a little fit and is now in sbcu having tests. I must tell you i came so close to caving but told my self off because it would have made things worse not better. So here I am at my 200 day. hope everyone is well. Linda xxxx

Ps three grand daughters now i will be dreaming in pink. HEHE

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  • Hi Linda,


    200 days is amazing & a new grandaughter to celebrate, what could be better.

    I hope your daughter & grandaughter will be allowed home soon, I am sure everything will be fine.

    Another perfect reason for not smoking ever again.

    Love Gaynor.


  • Congratulations for both events Linda - It shows just how badly smoking is ingrained into us that even after nearly 200 days a stressful event can still give us problems.

    Well done Linda, I always knew you'd crack it!

  • Well done Linda,

    Congratulations as well on the arrival of your new granddaughter.




  • Congratulation Linda

    A double that's brilliant and you have a lovely granddaughter. Stress does funny things to us but logic told you that it would of made things worse so really its a triple Celebration 200 days smoke free, new addition to your family and you didn't succumb to the ciggies.




  • Thank you all.

    It dose feel good on all counts. Also Im sooooooooooooo pleased I never caved or I would of been sat here now back at the start. Thank you all again. only 165 days and I move into the penthouse Im getting there this time no matter what.xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Hi Linda,

    CONGRATULATIONS - on 200 days, on grandaughters' arrival, on staying quit through stressful times. The penthouse beckons... :D


  • Congratulations

    Hi Linda

    Massive Big Congratulations on becoming a grand mother again and getting to 200 days, Such a massive milestone... Well done Keep up the good work Kaz x :D

  • Very well done Linda,

    Very proud of you m'dear, and I think you've got it sussed this time :)

  • Hi Linda

    Congrats on your 200 days! Thats terrific! And on your new grandaughter too! fingers crossed the tests are fine. xx

  • Hi Linda :D

    Big well done to you on 200 days quit mine was last week HA HA so you still haven't caught me :D

    Hope Mum and baby OK now



    Marg xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Linda, well done on your 200 days and congratulations on your new grandaughter xxxx

  • Well done on 200 days and grandaughter

    Gratz Linda you have done brilliant especially with you being really worried.

    Sending you an extra big hug :)

  • Well done Linda, 200 smoke free days is wonderful.

    So sorry your daughter has had a tough time, I send good wishes for your family and your beautiful new baby grandaughter, what have they called her?

    Well done for not smoking through the trauma.

    Jackie xx

  • Hi Linda, missed this posts as not been on forum much but just wanted to say a huge congratualtions to you, 200 days and a new grandaughter that deserves a celebration. Hope mother and baby are well and im sure tests will be fine on the little one, sending hugs to you for getting through a tough challenge, but you did it!!!!!


  • morning all

    Thank you all so much for your lovely suporting post they do help a lot. Very pleased to say that all tests are over and done and all meds will be finished today. So with a bit of luck mum and baby will be home by the weekend.

    So proud to tell you all i have three beautiful grand daughters. Aimee 10 years, Lacey 12 weeks, jessica 6 days today. Thank you all again.xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Hi Linda :D

    So pleased to hear that all well with the baby and that they'll both hopefully be home for the weekend


    Marg xxxxxxxx

  • Hi Linda

    So pleased to hear all is well with your beautiful new baby grandaughter, love the name.

    Jackie x

  • well done and congrats on your news:D


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