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Paradise Day 3333333333333333 Yes !!

Hello ,

Day 3 Yes, was not around much yesterday as had an awful migraine lasted into the ngt, but over it now and feeling good . wish the sun would shine every morning makes me feel so much better . have to emigrate i think !.

Brought an allen carr book for back up and making very good reading. time to get the brain in proper working order :D.

lots love

ali-bubs xx

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Hi Ali :D

Sorry you were poorly yesterday but gald you're better today and feeling good on day 3 Just hang in there


Marg xxxxxxx


Hi Ali,

Have a good day 3. Have never had a migraine, but have had quite a few headaches since quitting, especially in the early days, so I can empathise with you there. Have a good day and look forward to a 4th day in paradise.:D



Well done Ali another day, great. Sorry to hear about headache I get them occasionally too they are no fun at all.

The Allen Carr book is great and there are some good sites on here as well with lots to learn in them.

Good luck.



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