No Smoking Day
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Can I come in?

Yes! I'm now in with the 3 weekers!

I'm feeling great and very happy with myself that I have got this far, this is the longest I've ever gone (only completed 4days in the past before I caved!) and I can't wait to be counting in months.

I actually sat with my mum yesterday while she was smoking and drinking a glass of wine while I had my little glass of juice and I felt fine, no cravings.

I've found that I'm more likely to crave when I'm a bit peed off than at any other time so try to calm myself quickly when I start feeling that way so I don't get any major craves.

Hope everyone else is doing fine,

Lottie -x-

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Hi Lottie :D

In Week 3 already that's great well done you have every right to be happy with yourself not to mention proud OK keep it going


Marg xxxxxxx


WHOOOOOOOOO Glad you're here :D I'm same, can't wait to be counting in month's!! My uncle came round for the BBQ other day, he has been quit now for 19 month :) Can't wait til I can say that, but not wishing my life away because I know I WILL SAY IT in 18 month and 1 week :D:D


Well done you sound so possitive. X


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