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tryen again

i failed again! and feel so bad about it-my computer crashed and then i did too-so the only thing for it is to try again-i downloaded one of them books you suggested margaret and i'm just gona go for it again-

today's a symbolic day for me so i'm hoping that it helps me to get over this awful addiction once and for all-the book says "dont take another puff and u'r there" so thats just the way i'm gona look at it-

instead of joining week 2 i'm back here in day one cause of my own stupidity and weakness-the result=try harder!!

day one-patches and inhalor-wish me luck-

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U will do it....

John good luck this time, This is the one for you, Keep trying U will get there:cool:


Hi John :D

Welcome back I am so sorry you slipped when your computer crashed but you picked yourself up, dusted yourself down and are restarting your quit well done you

On day 1 with patches and a inhalor and determined to try harder this time I.m sure you'll get there this time


Marg xxxxxxxxxx


Hi John,

Great decision, you sound determined.... :D

Keep it up !!

Positive Mental Thoughts

Be Strong you can do it!!!


thanks folks

thanks folks-cheers 4 the support-still determined and still smoke free!

i'm reading the joel sp book and determined to make it work this time-

thanks 4 the great rewelcome-if i dont smokkkke another cig i'm ther!


Hi johnplc, well done on getting straight back onto quitting, you could have chose to carry on smoking but you didnt you chose to carry on quitting! Thats is the hardest part making the decision, keep rading the links on here and stay strong you can do it!



Hi John Well done for trying again. :You can do it, we all can.

Stay strong



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