Weird dream

I am still here after 24 days nows and still using the patchs when I need one.

Last night I couldnt sleep and toss and turned for ages and ages and then dreamed I was smoking a cigarette. It feel so real, that when I finally did wake up, I felt like I'd failed. I even had to go round the house to check there was no packet of cigarettes or ash or buts any where in the house.

God IM having some really freaky dreams at the moment

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  • Hi Maverick :)

    24 days that's great well done you a pat on the back is definitely in order

    Weird dreams are par for the course especially smoking ones my theory is that it's those sneaky little B.........d Nico :eek: Demons trying to get at you while you sleep having failed by day does that make any sense at all

    The good thing is that they don't last long OK You're nearly at the 1 month mark just keep it going


    Marg xxxxxxxx

  • Dont give into those demons

    Merverick yeah the dreams are really odd, I have woke up many times angry I gave into the cigs when I didnt really... Weird enough though at first happy I thought I may be able to have one?? But not now..... Keep up the good work It does get easier....:p Kaz

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