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No Smoking Day
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Liking the Junior bit!

I have to say, being called a Junior member feels good.

It's a long, long time since I was called a junior anything!!!!!!!!

Also, all this chewing has to be good for my jaw line. Pity I can't say the same for my waist line! All those little snacks are adding up. Never mind, when I've cracked this non smoking I'll have to look for a weight loss support group. HA HA

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I am still waiting for sallymonsters weight loss club! I have eaten half a ton of rubbish it feels like!Good for you for admitting the slip ups by the way. I reckon thats half the battle. I have had quits before where I have secretly had an occasional one and told myself it was ok. Half the battle is accepting you can't ever smoke again, you are an addict. Then tackle the mental issues. Eat and enjoy! ps you can change the thingy under your name by going into your user cp. I will have a look which one you click on and let you know...


Hi hopeful :D

Don't worry about the weight for the moment one battle at a time OK

Remember that just as an alcoholic can't have just one drink

Neither can we have just one fag

Both are an addiction and as such given up altogether


Marg xxxxxxxx


I have just read the replies and can really and honestly say that when I read them, something dawned on me. I don't know how to explain how I feel at the moment but I feel that I've just realised that I can't keep having the occassional fag.

From your replies I have seen what I've been doing. I've been saying, "I've done so well and I deserve a break". Then I carry on saying to myself week 6 week 7.

A little voice is saying "It's not even that hard, this one fag wont make me want one again".

O.K that's it! Thankyou both so much. Crafty little b****'s those nico monsters! From now on I'm not feeding them. I will picture them dying every time I hear them. Please feel to remind me that I've said this


Hi Hopeful :D

Well done you've got it and now you're well on your way

As you say starve the litle b''''''''ds and imagine them dieing one by one

Each time they whisper in your ear as they will for a little while but each time you fight them off it gets easier to do until you don't notice them except as a fleeting thought now and then

Oh We'll certainly remind of what you said HA HA


Marg xxxxxxxx


O.k. That's it. The beginning

Day 5 tomorow, no more day 4s for me.

Thanks loads

Good luck to everyone that's on this journey


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