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Still Here!


Hi all, I'm still off the baccy & nicotine, 3 weeks give or take a puff or two on day 3:o.

Glad to see lots of other NSD quitters still going strong!

I've seen my GP about my low blood pressure & he seems to have sorted it by reducing the atenalol dose. The good news is that I come right off of them next more monthly prescription cost! Kicking smoking is saving me a packet:).

All of you that give support & advice are GREAT! I don't think I'd have got this far without help. :):) THANKS!


Allen Carr's easyway.

& Insane laughing!

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Allen Carr's easyway.

& Insane laughing!

Right this bit made me Giggle!! again!! :D

I have given up with the Allen Carr easy way book. But on the 4th and 5th day... I had a proper giggle on!! I dunno why, but everything everyone said I just giggled, and it's not really like me :o is this the insane laughing you are talking about :confused: because I thought I could have been going a bit psycho lol

Hi Slinky, sometimes I think I have lost it lately!! :D I think my brain must be getting too much oxygen!! :)

I don't know if I'm laughing cos I'm finally off of the weed after years of smoking! Or as you say......I've finally gone loco :D .


Allen carr's easyway

& insane laughing :D

Hi ytene,- alan or should i call you laughing man,:D its great to hear you still on track and blood pressure now sorted and much better.

wow can you believe we gone 3 weeks, its great being a non smoker and im still finding it funny, its odd cos i laugh more at myself when ive had a bad time dealing with quitting:confused: so yes i think we must all be a bit mad on here but as long as we are mad and non smokers i dont care!

tracy 21:)

Hi Tracy, I can't believe wev'e made it this far either. :D

Other than the first few days the time has gone so quick! On the first couple of days I regarded '3 weekers' as old hands! Now we've joined them!

I wonder how many others are suffering the new quitters fits of insane laughing :D......The trouble is when I'm at work, I'm often stood with a chainsaw in my hand .. most of the ramblers & holidaymakers tend to walk past in a wide arc or run!!!

KEEP GOING ! It's got to get easier as time goes on :)

Stopping smoking is like learning to ride a bike..except you don't fall off the bike so often! :D . Alan.

Allen Carrs Easyway

& insane laughing.

You set me of laughing again now, i can just picture it, chainsaw in hand, there has got to be a film in that, or a warning video, just picture it, the horrors of smoking and what it will do to you, clip of chainsaw comes to mind now!

keep laughing, i know i am, my hubby thinks ive well cracked up, but i keep telling him if he stops smoking he can laugh along too!

tracy 21


OMG.... I have just sat here laughing my head off at the chain saw thing... my hubby ( smoker ) said " what ya laughing at?? so I told him.... but as always... he didn't get my OVERLOAD OXYGEN HUMOUR :D.... I think he might divorce me soon... " she aint the women I married your honour " :D

Oh heck... i'm off again lol

Hi Alan :D

Good to hear from you again wondered where you'd got to I'm pleased the doc sorted that BP problem for you

3 weeks is great well done you and yes it does get easier as time goes by you're nearly at the 1 month mark now haow times flies


Marg xxxxxxxxx

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