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No Smoking Day
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Loving the clocks going forward!

Clocks go forward tonight which means I wont feel so bad waking at 5.00am in future!

Since giving up the smokes I have needed less sleep and annoyingly wake up an hour earlier than I need to! So I am hoping with losing an hour I will wake up right on time now!

Before anyone suggests I go to bed later, it doent work!

Beautiful day here. Good drying weather for the washing so off to kick the other half to get the washing machine on!

You must keep on to these men to get anything done around here! ;)

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Hi nogarD :D

I'm also glad the clocks go forward as the nights get lighter as I hate the long dark nights they make me feel so shut in somehow


Marg xxxxxx


Yes I also like the Spring change!

My daughter wakes a little before 6am every day, and it takes her about 2 weeks to adjust to the hour change.

Which means that over the space of the 2 weeks we will enjoy a gradually decreasing lie in.


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