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No Smoking Day
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17th day

Well I'm very chuffed that i've got to this day and still off the ciggies.

Done a bit of pacing about, manic cleaning and gardening and not been on the phone much (trigger) so friends are wondering whats happened to me!!

The positives are I have my smell back although could be classed as a negative when changing my 18 month olds nappy hehe. I walked past a lady in the supermarket and i could smell the cigs on her and wondered did i smell like that, why yes i did so have been washing everything i posess. Funny that cos never bothered me before.:confused:

Seem to have done a lot more in the house, to keep my mind off not smoking of course. It is hard cos my boyfriend is a heavy smoker and has no intention of stopping. So i have been emptying the ashtrays and making sure he has his cigs in his pockets dont want to be staring at them thinking just one wont hurt:mad: I dont think he realises how hard it is, think i might ask him to smoke elsewhere but dont want to come across as an annoying ex smoker.

I really dont want to become complacent either because thats where i've fallen victim before, just one wont hurt will it? oh yes it will!!!:(

Dont want to come across negative because i'm buzzing i've got this far.........i'm just a realist, i don't want to become complacent.. think i'm experiencing a bit of a lull after the initial euphoria of stopping :confused:

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Woot Congratulations Angela!

I think I'm on day 17 too, struggling a bit more than you today, but I do get those ocaissional moments of complacency. Then I find myself thinking, "well if was that easy, may as well have a fag". Ridiculous really, the last couple of weeks have been hideous! Ain't going back there.

Yep, smokers stink, it makes me feel good everytime I smell one coming back from a ciggie break out in the wind and rain at work - We're not outcasts anymore!

If you've got this far with your boyfriend smoking I reckon you can just keep on trucking. In the long run you could try and banish him out to the garden, or to a "smoking room", say it's for your babies sake. In the short term though I wouldn't do anything that will start a major row.

Stay Strong and CONGRATULATIONS again!


Hi, you should be well proud getting this far and should give yourself a big pat on the back, my oh is still smoking and i too make him keep his cigs out of the way, i do feel a bit smug when he smells llike a dirty ash tray and remember thats what i used to smell like!

Keep going and i bet he is secretly jealous that you have quit and eventually i think all the oh will follow in our steps!

keep up the good work and well done



Hi Angela :D

You have every right to be chuffed well done on 17 days quit You have your sense of smell back and as well as the little ones nappies and smokers stink you will also notice lots of nice smells as well so just hang in there you can do this




Hi All, thanks for the support:)

This forum is great for getting it off your chest, every pun intended:rolleyes:

I suppose its just a case of filling in the blanks. Those voids are getting filled with other things now, my kids are getting a bit more me time and i'm still running round like a woman possessed!! I don't feel so anxious now when i'm sitting down with a coffee, still feel like somethings missing out of the picture.Hmm finding having a pen in my hand to doodle with keeps the fingers busy.

I'm looking at my whiter teeth,my improving complexion and not having to scrub my fingers to the bone and realising that there are a lot of good reasons to keep stopped. The main is obviously the health factor, last year i was on steroids twice, for the first time the doctor couldnt just control my chest infections with antibiotics alone. I know that is the beginning and to keep smoking will only exacerbate the problems.

Hope everyone has a good weekend:D


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