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Day 17

i Joined this site yesterday as i woke up probably having one of the worst days that i have had so far.. it was such a relief to see that other people were going through the same things as me and i no longer felt alone and alianated...... ive been very stroppy with the other half recently as we have both given up and taking it out on each other... im feeling alot more relaxed today ( so far).... and i noticed that alot of people on here in week 3 have been going through the same withdrawal as me at the same stage....

im hoping that it will start to get better im trying to take one day at a time and hopefully we can keep each other going as im not afraid to admit that i cant do this alone!!!!!!! x x :o

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Hi Jewls :D

Day 17 is great well done you and you're right to take it day by day, even hour by hour if it helps

I am glad you no longer feel alone in this struggle we all have I know I wouldn't be where I am now if it were not for all the paople on here who helped and supported me including my wonderful Son

Don't worry about being stroppy most of us are at times and remember we are all here for you whenever you need us

I promise you it will get better for you very soon so just keep reading,posting and not smoking

Oh and well done as well to your O H




Hi Jewls

Well done to you and your other half.:)

I'm on the same day as you, and i've been having a bit of a lull. Just got to keep on going, keep thinking of that advert where shes boxing the cigs. It is a fight and i'm not going to lose, no way, not after going 17 rounds hehe.

On day one I did'nt think i'd get to lunch time, but I took things 5 minutes at a time. I said to myself if i feel this stressed by 5 o'clock i'll have a cig, 5 came and went and i'd forgot all about it. I just try to ride the cravings, never drunk so much water!! This forum is fantastic aswell realising youre not alone:)

Keep it up, we can do it!!:D


Hey Jewls and welcome! Great job to you and your other half :) Week 3 was lousy for me as well..... worse than the first week..... things started to improve significantly a bit after that (week4/5) While I had mostly bad days in the first month, the good days started coming so hang in there! You are lucky you are not doing it on your own.... quite a few on here whose other halves continue to smoke.... which must be torture in the beginning of a quit! So you guys be nice to each other and heck.... a good fight here and there spices things up :D


Hi thankyou for all your encourgement today seems like its going to be a good day and m and my other half have decided that if we feel ourselves getting angry we will have a 5 min time out... so far it seems to work as im feeling really realxed.. i know that it could change at any point so just going with the flow which is all i can do...

i knew deep down how much i was a addicted but never really knew what effect it was having on me mentally.... x x


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