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A bit of an embarrasing question

I am really sorry to lower the tone, but is anyone else finding that they are constipated since stopping smoking, particularly in week 3?

All my live I have had normal "movements" but this past two weeks I am struggling to go to the toilet?

I just want to make sure that it is linked to stopping smoking and its not something I need to get checked out?

Nothing else has changed like my diet so its the only thing I can think of?

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Hi Kevin, I think this is fairly normal when ya quit ciggies - it has affected me in exactly the same way and I am now on day 20. Hopefully it will sort itself out in a little while, which is was the other people on here will advise.

Well done on your quit and keep the faith

love deb


Hiya, yes yes yes, this is a normal problem perhaps our bodies got used to nicotine that much that the simple pleasure of going to the loo means without nicotine our bodies arenow having to work harder!

but hey, im eating lots of fruit and drinking fresh orange and even took natural remedies so try any of these and maybe they will help.



Thank god for that lol - cheers for the replies


I'm a bit late in replying but yes yes yes you are having a normal bodily reaction to lack of nicotine !! try herbals to get things going again !! well done on quitting and getting past the dreaded week 3 !1


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