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sooo angry!!!

ive only just joined as i needed to talk to people that are in the same situation as me.

me and my partner decided to quit smoking nearly 3 weeks ago. after a lot of talk and no action we just went for it cold turkey. the first week was hard as all i kept doing was breaking down in tears at the slightest thing.

i thought things would have got easier by now but im on week 3 and i just feel so angry and i hate everyone. noone can talk to me as i seem to bite their heads off and this is making me worse as i hate feeling like this im normally a laid back person but now im constantly on edge and to make things worse my partner seems to be doing really well and its not effecting him which makes me more angry at him.

im wondering how much longer this is going to last as all i keep thinking is to start smoking as its just not worth feeling like this.....

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That's how I felt and I am now back smoking :o:o, elbeit down to 10 a day from 20.

Are you using anything, patches, gum?

I am intending to try again, this time using patches,


no i havent used anything... i have tried using the patch before but i got fed up with keep wearing them and ended up wearing a patch and smoking...

im determined not to give in and im being stubborn as my partner is still not smoking and i have the attitude that if he can do it so can i..

but i just feel so miserble :-(


I'm not much help really because I failed miserably on my last attempt, however, my OH says you must get ANGRY. Get very angry and refuse to listen to the voices. Make a louder voice in your head that you are HAPPY not to be smoking, everytime you hear them start singing!.

I must admit I couldn't do it last time - he now calls me jellybaby!

Good luck.



Have you read these links? and They have good information on beating the mental side of the quit. It may be you are still feeling like you have given something up. Once you get over that and realise you haven't and see it in a positive light the cravings become easier, farer apart andmore easier to deal with. If you open your mind to it, it can be in the main a positive experience. We are all ex smokers on here and have all been through it. Dont give in! xx


thank you i will defantly take a look at that link.. x


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