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AAAAAAAGH! Really, really angry tonight!!!

I'm extremely grateful for this forum tonight because I feel like I can't speak to anyone tonight without exploding. It's day 3 and I've been doing really well all day, stayed patient through a long shift, and now I've lost it! So frustrated and feel like I could smash something! I've been reading lots online which is helping but didn't expect to feel so crazy and irrational! Please say this gets better!!!!

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Can you go for a walk??

Hi there,

Oh dear, it's tough I know. Are you still at work or is there anyway you can safely go for a bit of a walk?? I know it's dark and late but perhaps a stroll round the block with the dog or chatting to a friend on your mobile?? In my first few days i went for a walk each evening around 9pm and then took a hot chocolate to bed around 10pm - the walk seemed to help and the eraly night made the next day get here quicker.

I hope you feel better soon - Day 4 tomorrow and the first hurdle is over!!

Well Done you.




Thanks very much Jodi, I did go for a walk last night and it definitely helped. Feel like there is so much physical tension in my chest and my head I'm going to burst! I'm sipping Camomile tea and trying to calm down for bed, I agree the early night means tomorrow comes quicker. I really hope I can manage to succeed because I really don't want to go through this again!!!

Thanks again for the kind advice!


Day 4 will be better

They do call them the terrible 3's - my day 3 was a nightmare too, but day 4 was loads better and i ended up wondering what all the fuss was about. Punch a cushion or something a few times, take deep breaths, have a hot drink (or something stronger) and an early night - tomorrow you will wake up being a non smoker for 4 whole days!!

Good luck and feel free to rant on here whenever - you won't be the only one!!



I haven't smoked a puff since stopping on Friday, I'm just expressing how the withdrawal from smoking is making me feel.



Day 3...well done..

I find if I do deep breathing that calm me also drinking cold water...things should start to get a bit better for you now...and u got the rest of ur life to lok forward to...



Thanks very much BeccyBoo, I'm sure I will laugh about this tantrum one day!


Hi- I know we're all different, but I def found the 1st 3 days the worst- it's not plain sailing after that, but the edge is taken off it- so good on you for getting through the that. As the others have said, cold water and freash air helped me loads. Keep going, you're doing brill Pols xxx


Hi lymp217,

your doing so good day 3 almost over..i know lots of people must say this but it does get easier no time at all you will probably be posting to someone on day 3 telling them the very same thing xx :)keep going if you look at it that you can stop smoking for 3 days then you can stop for another 3 days & before you know it the bad days become less & less ..Your doing everything you can to beat this & beat it you will :)


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