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No Smoking Day
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Day 14 and still going strong!!!

Can't believe I've actually been free of smoke for 14 days now! My training for the 10k is coming along so much better now, I can taste and smell so much more acutely and I am very aware that my clothes smell a lot fresher (certainly more than the folk that get on my bus in the morning and who've just had a fag, like I used to do!!!)

Yes, I sometimes miss it. But I have £40 put aside for the last 2 weeks of not buying cigs and that will mount up until I can selfishly treat myself (got my eye on a ridiculously expensive MP3)

Hope everyone who stopped on NSD is still going strong too.

Be well


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Hi Stuart :D

14 days is great well done hope you're proud of yourself

Glad the training is going well and feel sure it will get even better now




Well done, glad you are feeling the benefits so soon keep it up.

I was training last night (martial arts) and the class seemed a little lethargic to our instructor so he made us do 50 knuckle press ups, I was about 2nd to finish which wouldn't have been the case when I was a smoker we then immediately went on to do a piece of harsh cardio work (having to attack/defend against 2 opponents at the same time) and although I was totally wastes at the end I had managed to keep going full pelt throughout and recovered quickly after.

One of the great benefits is being able to get properly fit, even if you thought that you were as a smoker, as I did the difference is massive!


Thanks boys and girls, I'm feeling pretty darned good just now. I do Aikido and we sometimes finish the class with multiple attacks which gets the heart pounding .... hoping that'll get easier soon :D



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