Day 14

Well, I've made it to the fortnight mark!

The last week has been very difficult. I've felt ill, depressed, restless and generally unhappy but I still haven't smoked.

I'm coming around a bit now. I was up early this morning and I feel a lot better. I'm not 100% yet but I'm feeling better. I'll give it another week and then I'm going back to the gym. Hopefully that will give me more energy and help me feel even better.


Thanks all.

Wes x

6 Replies

  • right here with you wes, feels good don't it?


  • carnt wait to say its been 14, days good on you bet u feel loads better than 15 days ago lol keep up the good work cheers dave....

  • Hi Wes & Stuart :D:D

    14 days that's great well done

    Wes sorry you had a rough week last week but glad you feel better now

    Just keep going Onwards and upwards



  • hi Wes, Snap.. its day 14 for me too, congratulations!!

    Hang in there Dave, you'll be catching us up before you know it ;)

  • Day 14 for me too, well done guys xx

  • Well done all you guys on day 14 great work. into week three you go.xxxx

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