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Hello ex-Smokers

Hello all - How is life?

I'm not doing too bad actually. I'm just back from a few days in Tenerife with my sister and feeling very virtuous.

I helped my sister on her first no-smoking days, she thought it would be a good opportunity to give up and had her last cigarette outside Manchester airport last Sunday before boarding the plane. When I left her on Friday she was a bit irritated but not enough to go back to it. I just wish I could support her by being closer - but I live over 280 miles away so have to do it by email & phone.

I really hope she continues - she can not afford it and her health is poor - she had a stroke when she was 27 (now 32) and is overweight too.

I took my trainers with me as my need to run every day is getting greater. I ran 2 miles every morning before it got too hot. That appeased the fact that I could not get very healthy food so ended up not gaining any weight whilst away.

I've updated my signature again to reflect the progress I'm making with the weight. It's got to the point now where I'm slowly getting back into the work clothes and people are starting to notice - always nice.

I also hit my 5 month anniversary on the 18th so think that should put me in the next "room". I'm so glad everyone else still seems to be here.

Take Care All


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Hi F2Q

So glad you had a good holiday with your sister also well done her on quitting also glad people are beginning to notice your weightlose always seems to make it easier I think

5 months quit on the 18th thats brilliant





Hi F2Q

well well well-look at you go well done!! glad to hear you had a fab time, and you sound as if you are really enjoying life, good luck to your sis xxx

BB- my sister never stays in one country to have time to come on here sadly-shes a photographer and ends in the most bizarre places-quite often not equipped to even use a latop!!!

when she has some space in her hectic life she will pop in and say 'hello'-she has stopped smoking for three weeks now!!!

she is currently diving in Belize taking underwater shots for some advertising company!!-what a life!!



You really do have a way with words don't you!!

I read your last post with F2Q as the last line and that reminded me - I've also peddled my drugs so to speak and finally flogged all the fags I had stored up.

My last customer was so desperate and greatful - he works with my Mum and is a 40 a day man. I did have a pang of guilt at helping him kill himself but then just thought he was a looser.

As for my sister joining - could be a good idea.....I'll put it to her. She's feisty mind - I am the refined one out of the two of us but she has the driest sense of humor and calls me the dwarf (I'm older but much smaller)!



Well done on the 5 months, and the weight. Sounds like you had a good holiday :)

Congrats to your sister too. She is, of course, very welcome if she wants to join, but more feisty than you :eek: well I'm sure we'd cope.:p


Well Done Hunnie

So pleased you enjoyed Please give your sister my best.xxxxxxxxxxxxx


well done on 5 months. im glad to hear your still going strong! :)


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