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Two months down!

Well, I just finished with month 2 and am starting month 3. Am feeling pretty good and don't think about cigs most of the time, just a fast thought triggered once in awhile. My breathing has improved and I have more energy. Now just have to work on the weight gain and I will be set for summer. We bought a boat, so I'm looking forward to going fishing and boating! Keep on keeping on.

Quit: Jan. 18, 2009

Method: CT

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Well done Jody

2 months is cool babe. your doing fab enjoy your sailling hun.xxxxxx


Hi Jody :D

2 months completed that's brilliant Congratulations keep up the good work and enjoy your sailing




Well done Jody, i've just done 2 months too (sorry, didn't mean it to sound like a prison sentence).

Enjoy the boat, we have one and do a lot of fishing in the summer, we've had mackerel, bass, lobsters and crabs, what a feast. And all that lovely fresh air. Have fun.


Hi Lozza :D

Big well done on 2 months

Love Margxxxxxxxxxx


Thanks Marg, Linda, and Lozza


well done jody Congratulations and enjoy your sailing :)


I have a while to go yet but get inspiration from reading those who are ahead of me.

Well done and enjoy the boat.


Thank you PeelSecurity and Nogard.


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