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No Smoking Day
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It does get better!!

Day 16- and what a lovely day :D

The later end of last week was really hard, i struggled and could have easily caved in, but didn't........ I was wondering why the quit was getting harder, not easier!

yesterday was good.. and today even better.. o i feel like i have 'come out the other side'!

Just thought I'd post this, as i know a few are going through those tearful, emotional days, and they are horrible- had too many of them last week!


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That is great extra big hug for you X


Hi Minnie :D

Day 16 that's great well done

So glad you feel better the last couple of days and well done for staying strong




Thank you both :)

Please send big willpower vibes this way tomorrow & thursday..any tips how to deal with stressy worry when you don' smoke anymore?!

it's dad's operation and hospital tests( he collapsed again on sunday) and i know i'll be biting my nails down to nothing.



Hi Minnie :)

Have sent you lots of positive thoughts

I think maybe the best way to deal with your stressy thoughts about your Dad is to remember how proud of you he already is and how much prouder he is going to be that you stayed quit through this

Better you bite your nails down to the quick than light up again

My thoughts are with you both am sending a big Hug to you


Marg xxxxxxxxx


Hi Minnie

So proud of you day 17. Hope your Dad is ok just think you can stay in the hospital to make sure hes ok with out wanted to leave and get a fix. thats what I was thinking when I was worrying about my new granddaughter. Thinking of you Love Linda.xxxxx


Hope all is well post soon X


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