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No Smoking Day
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day 14

Funny how you wake up and just know its going to be a bad day. Nothing bad has happened but I am in such a mood. I need to be calm for my Mum but I can hear the tension in my voice with her and I feel really bad about it. Ive had to write down what needs doing as my brain doesnt seem to be working. Next job is to ring the council as Mum is having some work done on her house and they have put some things down wrong you can guarantee that I will lose it on the phone.

I haven't stopped using the inhalater yet and wonder if I would be better ditching it. Yet when I went to the smoking clinic she told me I need to use a fresh capsul every hour I wasnt before and I will be on it 12 weeks but surely it is going to be as hard to give that up in 12 weeks and I dont want to be going through all this.

(sorry feeling sorry for myself today)

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Hi trendy,

Life can be a bitch at times. Sorry that it is that time for you today. Difficult to do but try and see the lighter side of life if possible.

Sorry, but only time to write a short support note here at the mo. But maybe we could harness some of your anger and you could yell at my bosses to hire more staff!


Cav :)


Hi Mel:D :D

As Cav sat's life can be a bitch

Don't panic this is those sneaky little b...........d Nico :eek: Demons up to there tricks again

I don't know anything about inhalors but a fresh capsul every hour seems a bit excessive to me as you weren't using that much before amybe you are using to much

This is just my opinion but I would go with how you feel and if you felt better on a lower dose go back to it she can't force you to take it and anyway you don't have to tell her I used champix another 12 week course but ditched it at 8 told nurse it was my body not hers

Just hang in there you can do this

Meanwhile make that list and try to calm down




Hang in there Trendy, you're doing so well! I'm also on day 14 now and this is the longest i've lasted. Be proud of yourself and don't cave! :)

I also know nothing about inhalators as i'm using patches. But a fresh capsule every hour does seem to be a bit much! I would follow your own instincts as margaret said, you know your own body! You also may find it difficult to ditch the inhalotor after 12 weeks as you will still be used to the hand to mouth action. Maybe you could switch to something else later on. I find the patches to be brilliant.

Hope you're day doesn't go too badly, take a deep breath and remember you are stronger now and don't need cigarettes! x


Been ok today in the end managed to get rid of those horride feelings, I also bought the micro tabs even though Ive got the inhaler free from the smoking nurse just to see if it helped any and it has. Will continue with the inhaler but use the micro tabs now and again so I dont get too use to the hand to mouth action.

thank you for your replies you are all brilliant X


hi trendy

glad your day got better, i too was having a really bad day and have managed to through with the help of all these fab people - i know without posting on here i would have succumbed to the nico demons, so keep going hon, we will get there i am sure

deb x


Hi Trendy & Debs :D :D

Glad you are both feeling better now




Thanks Marg, nearly done day 10 and this morning couldnt see that happening, feeling really positive now

have a good evening

deb x


Just had another blip but after half hour got over it,

Thanks guys X


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