No Smoking Day

day 14... whoooo!!!

I'll be able to move into the Week 3 room soon!

I am very pleased- it's not been the easiest of weeks, but i think it's more down to family stuff etc, and me feeling very low about it all ( hence my posts dried up a bit- no point depressing you all!)

The family stuff is ongoing, but I think the feeling of needing to go and get a pack of cigs to relieve the stress is going- I was dreading work last night knowing how tempted I'd been during the week, yet it was all okay!

A good workmate was very encouraging last night- and my other half was lovely and encouraging too!!!

I am pleased that despite the tempting moments i have remained strong and not given in to that little devil sitting on my shoulder!

It's a beautiful sunny day, and although I had hardly any sleep( I have a toddler who's just discovered how to open the bedroom stairgate!!) I think it's a perfect Sunday to take said toddler to the woods and have muddy, sunny wellyboot time :D

Wishing you all a lovely Sunday xxx

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Welcome to day 14 ! Its mine too.

Well done in not smoking especially with the 'family stuff' going on.

I TOTALY get you about the young family thing :D Our youngest , bless her wee cotton socks, is not sleeping that well at all at the moment. A combination of teething, the cold and not just not being able to settle at nights is meaning a max of 4 hrs sleep a and with these early starts at work...zzzzzzz.

Its a sunny day here too . I am envious of your day out with the kids. Ah well I am off tomorrow at least..

Fight the good fight and all that..



day 14

Welcome to a lovely sunny Sunday.. Well done Andy and Minnie you are leaving me behind again and moving into weel 3 but hey I will soon be with you again.

I'm day 12 today, had a rubbish day yesterday because i had a headache, felt stuffy and felt a bit sick BUT that may be due to completing my first full week back at work after being off since before christmas with a broken leg !! Maybe doing a full week just took it out of me, still feel a bit 'off' today though so perhaps them toxins are all leaving my body too and making me feel a bit off or perhaps as nic said yesterday i may just have a bit of a cold anyway.

Dunno why i was waffling on there, anyhows yes minnie you should be sooo proud of yourself and really need to give yourself credit, you have such a lot to deal with and yet you are coping so well, there will not be any stress put to you that you cant deal with as a non smoker as you have proved to yourself this week. Keep strong and remember a fag changes nothing in a positive way. I find my mouth 'tastes' awful every morning, almost as bad as a smokers o i hope that stops soon.

Have a lovely day and will meet you either later on or in weel 3, keep strong both of you. xx


Cheers for that Dee Dee..

Ive also been feeling a bit weak since quitting and am sure Its contributing to my tiredness too. As for that taste thing:( still the chocolate helps:p

All the best to you .See you in the ' 3 weeks ' section soon enough..



Hi Minnie :D

On week three tomorrow great you are doing really well and isn't it a lovely day enjoy yourself in the woods with your little one

Despite all the problems you have also glad you felt better at work last night




Thanks guys :)

Didn't get to take littley to the woods, as he wasn't feeling too great, so we planted bulbs in the garden instead.. he enjoyed that too though :)

Luckily today was a much easier day than the last 2- I thought i had more resolve than to linger over the ciggy counter when passing( weirdly it doesn't bother me when I'm working there!! I have also directed some of my customers to this web site>grin<)

But although i cried a lot, and thought i *needed* a smoke, i was helped by my OH and friends, and didn't crack <big smile>

We have put an extra fixing on the kidlets stairgate, so I'm hoping tonight I'll get more than 3 hours sleep too!!

Well done all you other quitters... you're all doing fab!

See you in WEEK 3 tomorrow.. whoo, never imagined I'd be there when i started posting on this site! I used to read week 2 and week 3 posts with awe:)

Thank you SO much for the support over the last few emotional days xxx


thats great Minie, Im a day behind you so I will see you in week three on Tues. Hope you get a good night sleep and that gate holds out X


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