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Will passive smoking get me craving?

Hi all :), been wondering about this? I'm meant to be going to friends in a few weeks for a card night (just a friendly thing, nothing serious). But I do know that 4 out of the 6 couples smoke, and it's around one of their houses, so they will be smoking indoors.

Now, I'm not concerned about being in the company of smokers, been there, but in an outside situation and felt good about not smoking with no temptation. However will all the passive smoke re-ignite the nicodemon. I know that a few of you have partners that smoke indoors, but i'm going to be in a room with possibly 8 people smoking (i'll have to burn my clothes afterwards).

What do you think, is there a difference between passive smoking and having a cigarette, will it put nicotine back into my system?

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mmm.... difficult one that one, my mum who is a non-smoker used to sit with dad who smoked in the house and she used to complain that she craved for cigerettes.....But that was a good 20years of constant smoking!!!


Hi Lozza :D

I don't know about that many smokers but one freind in particular is a very heavy smoker and that doesn't set me wanting one is this any help I necer want one when others smoke but never been with that many at once, but enjoy your evening




I think there is a good chance that all that smoke will make you feeling ill.... so it might just support your goal :)


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