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Last day of the week that changed my life

So it's Day 7 at last. It's been a great week overall and has totally changed my life. You may say it's only a week, but it's not the length of time, but the attitude that makes a difference. Plus it's one week of being strong and not smoking out of an average 830 when I was weak so its a huge deal.

Here are some of the changes:

- I now have a normal biological clock. I go to bed at 12am at night and wake up at 7:00am in the morning, every day, I'm not tired when I wake up, and I need no alarm.

- I now exercise for 2 hours a day, every day, compared to a once a fortnightly 'if I could be bothered' type of routine. They always say the first results you get when you exercise again after a long period of not doing it are the most obvious, and it's true. I look so much better already and feel a huge amount better in myself.

- I now study for 4 hours a day, before I had the attention span of a gold fish and would need a smoke for every 20 mins of reading.

I still have plenty of time for work.

- I don't have to worry about when I need to go out to buy more fags, now it's only about the food.

- I'm eating 3 times a day, healthily, instead of 1 time a day like an all-you-can-eat buffet, I have the energy and enthusiasm to cook again.

- My breathing has improved 600%. I could run up and down the stairs now and you wouldn't notice it, before walking up the stairs had me gasping (it is 32 degrees here though which didn't help. . but that's not an excuse, I'm not looking for one)

The simple fact is that it's not smoking that's given me the energy to do all this, and every day that goes by without cigarettes is another step towards a stronger, fitter, healthier, and happier life.

Smoking isn't something that affects you when you get older, it affects you now. You look like shit, you smell like it, everyone knows it, but you think it smells nice, and you look more confident. You have no energy, diminished self-esteem and for all these pleasures you're giving yourself, you're slowly killing others around you that you know and care about at the same time, how nice of you.

Yes, I think I'm becoming an anti-smoking nazi now. . . proud of it lol, it's better than the alternative.

Anyway, I've stopped counting the hours, it's time to start counting the weeks now . . (7 hours to go until that happens). . .:D

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Hi Bob :D

What a great post you are doing so well I hope you are proud of yourself if not you should be give yourself a big pat on the back you deserve it I found your message my reply is on that sight those things were oh so true thankyou

All the Best



Hi Bob

Great post and well done.

Not only got to the end of your first week but also took back control of your life. Well Done!!




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