No Smoking Day

Great support group

I'm really grateful for all the posts I've been reading on this forum over the last three days. Had I not been reading them I'm sure I would have already talked myself into having one fateful little nicotine fix to keep me going.

I'm now on day seven - cold turkey style. I thought I would have been chewing the carpet before now but really it has been quite bearable. I feel pretty confident that I can make it. Right now it feels as if I will probably have to remain vigilant for some time to come - keep reminding myself of how awful smoking was and how much better I'm starting to feel without it.

Many thanks


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Well done Phil on getting to day 7, that is a great achievement in it self.

You can take comfort in knowing that the hardest bit is now over but to remain alert at all times for that little demon.

Welcome to the forums, and so pleased that reading the posts have helped you get through. Reading is really the key to a sucessful quit.

Keep at it hun, you are doing great :)




Hey Phil keep motivated! And download the smoker lungs and set them as the wallpaper. Motivate Yourself and You will succeed!


hi Phil

glad to know we have helped you through the most difficult time of the quit-you are now ona roll!! well done and all the best :D


Thanks for the encouragement, everyone. Seeing that there are lots of other people through the same struggle really has made a difference for me this time. I never got past day 2 in the past.



Welcome Phillmorris

Congrats on your first week things will start to get a lot easyer now. you will have fab support here stick with us.xxxxxxxxx


Well done,

We are all here to support each other. When the going gets tough log on and read through the postings - I find it really helps to keep me on track.


Hello Phil, glad to have you with us. Make sure you keep up that reading! You mentioned the need to remain vigilant; in this respect, knowledge is vigilance.

Know your enemy! Best of luck.


hello philip

welcome to the forum and well done on your 1st week we all help each other on here lots of luck



Congratulations on day 7! that is a major milestone. If you can get past the first 7 days, NOTHING is stopping you now....


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