Day 6! woopwoop!

Goodmorning all!

I made it to Day 6! and like Chuddy mentioned in his thread i too had maybe a few too many beers Friday and Saturday night, but i didn't even think about wanting a smoke! Then i woke up Sunday morning and my mate decided to cook us all a Full English, bloody top bloke!

After we were done eating everyone lit up except me and the guy who cooked as were a both ex smokers =)

and it feels so good to be able to say that. I also know if i hadn't quit when i did last week i wouldn't have quit now, i have a new class of students starting at 10am for 12 weeks it's always a stressful time, but im ready to face it today without the use of the foul fags!

Have a fantastic day all of you! i hope you will join me in celebrating my first week as a non smoker tomorrow!

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  • Hey, well done! 1 week tomorrow, that's great, keep up the good work

  • Woop-dee woop, party halfway between Dudley and Aylesbury :D Wish I had mates who would cook me a hangover fry-up haha. It's a good feeling going out and not smoking ain't it? Nicely done mate :)

  • Yippeeeeeeeeeee!!!

    Well done chuddy, 1 week tomorrow, before you know it you will have weeks behind you :)

    Great going hun, you are a star.



  • Thanks, but it's Jimi's thread :P

  • Well done Jimi

    One full week. Onwards to week two. CONGRATS MATE.xxxxx

  • Hi Jimi

    well done on the first week keep it up

    Also well done chuddy

    Both of you onwards and upwards

  • Ooooooops!!! sorry Jimi


    1 week over well done :)



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