No Smoking Day

Chuddy... Day 2

Hey all, just thought I'd drop a quick line at the end of my second day. Not much to report really, no cravings as such, just slight urges here and there. Did some tidying up earlier and thought I'd have a sit-down and cigarette.... *FACE PALM*! Reminded myself straight away that I don't smoke any more! Getting over these little habitual moments will take some time, methinks.

I did have a bit of a strange night, some weird dreams, but I don't think it's connected to the quit as I always have weird dreams haha. Did wake up in a slight panic but that quickly subsided and I left the house with a massive smile on my face ready to face up to being an ex-smoker!

Hope things are going swimmingly with the rest of the Monkey B's. See you in day three!

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Well done Chuds!!

you sound as if you are going strong xx keep the faith;)


Well done, looks like you have your head in the right place.

Great work

keep it up.


Well done Chuddy - as you say there are habits that have to be broken.


keep it going matey, are we up for day 3 :D


Well done hun, you are doing great :)



Thanks guys, gone past day three now as well and into day 4! w00t!


Well done Chuudy - Woohoo! :D


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