No Smoking Day

knowledge is power

education is a necessary part of a successful quit smoking program,,because when you know what to expect as you move through the process from nicotin addiction,,you,ll find you are equipped to handle what ever comes your way...such as [ JUNKIE THINKING ]

i can smoke just one..just for this evening,,

i,ll smoke,and then im back to my quit tomorrow [ really ]

does that sound familiar to you all

throughts of smoking can creep in and throw you of balance

if you are not prepared for them

dont let it throw you,its part of the recovery

hope it helps some of you to think more positive about why you stoped smoking,,,so once again you lot keep the faith tony

when your exhausted from trying,try just one more time

3 Replies

Wise words Tony


Wise words indeed!

And a good warning about those thoughts that all of us are familiar with.

They are the reasons I have failed in the past.

But now I am MUCH better educated - thanks to all of you. I have a completely different mindset and I won't even entertain such thoughts of 'just one'.


Hi Tony

Wise words indeed everyone should read as much as possible and like Boy Scouts be prepared :D


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