No Smoking Day
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that cunning little monster

Had it today, day 4, the cunning little nicotine monster in my head got me thinking, I wonder what just 1 ciggie would be like, must have been something good about them? Got to be on your guard! I've been stuck in the house most of the day though, so loads of time to think, thankfully got thinking about the right things evenutally. Congrats. to everyone who's decided to stop, definitely the right decision.

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Well done for staying strong.

As time goes by those cravings/urges become weaker and weaker.


Hi Lozza

Huge well done on not giving in to the monster :) You are doing great hun, the first week i struggled staying home and spent as much time as i could out and about to take my mind of it.

You are so right to, you never know when he will strike.

What i find really weird and i wonder if anyone else has had this, i could be sitting at home and all of a sudden i will get a strong smell of tobacco, now no one smokes in my home and the doors are all shut....very strange :confused: happens almost daily.




Well done lozza,

I find keeping busy helps. I was also stuck in over the w'end and my loft got it good style. Didn't know I had hoarded so much crap!

Like you guy's I can smell smoke sometimes after a good puff on my inhalator and find myself avoiding my wife incase she can smell it too - how weird :confused:

Anyway, keep up the good work and remember your only a click away from support! :D


Lozza, if you can manage it, get out and pound the pavement! Have a walk or a run!

Even when I was at the height of my smoking, it gave me that valuable time in the day where I had no distractions such as work, the telly, the PC, the radio. Even my own thoughts took second place to what goes on around. It's a distraction, and exercise all in one. Just to vary things a little, I take a different route every day.

Even if you take a walk, and your mind is still a little overactive, craving and thinking about that naughty N word, do something that keeps you occupied, like the others suggest. Tidying up works a treat for curing boredom.


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