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10 days!! Got a bad cough though. Is this normal?


I'm at 10days now and I feel loads better. However stopping smoking has triggered a really bad cough. Is this normal? :confused:

I've also been getting loads of support and great advice from the people on this site: follow the link to join my stop smoking mission ;)

Speak soon :)

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hi Chris in the early days i had an incessant cough-drove me crazy, it does settle down, then you can look forward to constantly clearing tar at the back of your throat-mmmm nice!!!!:o


Hi Chris

The same hun, i have a constant cough its very normal and something that everyone will tell you they have experienced.

Well done on getting to day 10 :)




Yes very normal, I'm afraid!!

It does pass!!


I'm only cutting down on smoking at the moment and I already have a niggling cough.


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