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i think i have won


not long back from the club,had a good night quite a lot to drink,,but had no crave for a fag,,never gave them a thourght..till i got home,,when the wife was smoking..it had no effect on me wost so ever..so pleased with my self..i am 8 weeks and just 5 days free from smoking..how good is that ,,wow..,the only thing that still gets to me is the smell of smoke grrrrr...it makes me feel sick..will i always feel like this about smoking..all newbies,, you must keep the faith..and be strong so very strong .....feel good ,because man u won today yessssssss,,keep the faith tony.....football,, why do you support...ME OF COURSE MAN U:D:D:D

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Congrats Tony, you're doing fabulously well.

You have won - you are free of smoking and as long as you don't smoke then you get to stay free.

Well done Tony.xxxxxx

hi tony


well done on your quit i'm a few days behind you and as stuart says you have won. we both have:D :D

love margaretxxx

NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Nice one Tony

You are doing great.

Keep at it!


Woot!!! Well done Tony

im keeping the faith, hope your keeping the faith to.... lol



Excellent - well done Tony!!

You certainly have won the battle - I am only on day 8 but I feel as though I have won too! I am so confident and I feel so good about quitting I know I shall not let the nicotine demons ever win again - we can fight them off every time - NO SWEAT!!

Good job on not having a smoke at the club tony, but shame... oh SHAME... for supportin Man U... :D

And also, 8 weeks and 5 days... a little longer than day 1 eh? Had a few drinks had we? :p

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