No Smoking Day

i think i have won

not long back from the club,had a good night quite a lot to drink,,but had no crave for a fag,,never gave them a thourght..till i got home,,when the wife was had no effect on me wost so pleased with my self..i am 8 weeks and just 5 days free from good is that ,,wow..,the only thing that still gets to me is the smell of smoke makes me feel sick..will i always feel like this about smoking..all newbies,, you must keep the faith..and be strong so very strong .....feel good ,because man u won today yessssssss,,keep the faith,, why do you support...ME OF COURSE MAN U:D:D:D

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Congrats Tony, you're doing fabulously well.

You have won - you are free of smoking and as long as you don't smoke then you get to stay free.


Well done Tony.xxxxxx


hi tony


well done on your quit i'm a few days behind you and as stuart says you have won. we both have:D :D

love margaretxxx


Nice one Tony

You are doing great.

Keep at it!



Woot!!! Well done Tony

im keeping the faith, hope your keeping the faith to.... lol




Excellent - well done Tony!!

You certainly have won the battle - I am only on day 8 but I feel as though I have won too! I am so confident and I feel so good about quitting I know I shall not let the nicotine demons ever win again - we can fight them off every time - NO SWEAT!!


Good job on not having a smoke at the club tony, but shame... oh SHAME... for supportin Man U... :D

And also, 8 weeks and 5 days... a little longer than day 1 eh? Had a few drinks had we? :p


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