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Ssshhh, think i might have cracked it!!


I know i am only day 12 but it feels so different this time i think i might have cracked it, I have given up for a month or so before but it has been so hard cause i have always felt like i have been depriving myself of something fantastic.

This time i still crave sometimes but i don't feel like i am going without something that makes my life better, don't know quite how it has happened after all this time but i am not going to ruin it by having a ciggie, not today and not tomorrow!

Don't worry i will still be on full alert for the little tricky fella but i am loving my quit, i feel so much better than on previous quits and i love the fact i am not smoking.


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way too goo


That is soo good to hear hun :)

you keep that positive mood and you will sail through this without any probs


I know exactly what you mean jules. I had a few goes before over the years, not many though but my mind and heart was never in it, nor did I have this forum.:)

BUT this time, I too knew within the first week that that was it. Nic could 'jog on', 'go do one' or suffer pain if he came near me.

The mindset you are in along with this wonderful community is what got me through and to the stage where I KNOW that I will NEVER smoke again...well until I'm in the crematorium ;)

Anyway, don't shhh, shout loud and proud 'I am a non-smoker'...go on, I dare you ;)

Oi, Max, whats all this about waiting till Xmas for treats???? tshh!

I really never had to buy ciggies, my partner works abroad and always brought home duty free or i would roll my own so i havent noticed any savings, the money side of it was never really an issue and luckily my health hasn't really suffered (not that i could see), although i do feel brighter in the mornings and my little runs are getting easier.

For me it was always the feeling of being trapped and powerless that i hated, that was the big thing for me and now i am feeling much stronger and its lovely.

Thank you to everyone on here that takes the time to post, it makes such a big difference.


Jules......12 days! That is soooooo amazing.:D

I am glad it feels different this time. You simply are never going to have another fag, are you! It comes across so strongly in your post. I am so pleased for you.........




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