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Some thoughts!

I quit (4th time) at 22:00 December the 30th, 2008. Previous attempts had yielded 10 days, 1 month, 2.5 months success respectively, though they were not truly "successful" in the purest sense of the word since I had to quit again. Method was Cold Turkey as I am not a supporter of changing delivery methods (Nicocrette gum or candy or whatever), since the inevitable 72 hour nicotine withdrawl always comes and I will NOT take Zyban or any other drug that has mind altering properties. Now that does not mean that I do not support those that use these products if it helps them quit. This is one of those "diseases" (I use that strong word now for smoking) were the end (no to smoking) justifies the means.

I smoked for about 12 years (am 40 now) at about 15 per day and the time to cease/stop had come for personal reasons. I am now going through the most annoying part of the process (for me at least) the constipation. I despise it, because I am all bloated, etc... but I know it will pass. I am usually okay psychologically after about 3 weeks and once I make the 3 month mark (late March 2009) I will consider it a success. Especially, because this time I understand (from my very useful recent experience) that I will never get cocky again after several weeks of controlling it, because that is what got me into trouble last time. I am stunned how quickly all the hard work was undone and I had slipped back into the TAR pit. Will keep everyone updated.

MUST HAVE 4 ME- > great support network (LOVE, sex is even better and lot's of, exercise routine (and I do more and more each week), green tea (not the store kind, but leafs) 1-2 litres per day.


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Welcome Steve

Stay with it mat you will have great support here. xxxx


Hi Steve,

Welcome to the forum.

It seems like you have your head in the right place, but read as much as you can about the addiction and what to expect while quitting.

Post often to let us know how you are getting on.

Best wishes




.... great to be on board finally.... Things are going well.... no cravings... just thoughts about it.... getting less though..... and feeling better.... we'll see how it goes in week 2 etc... as I have been at the 2+ month mark before.... lol


hi steve

welcome you will get all the support you want on here they are a great bunch of people always there to help and encourage



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