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nicotine whitdrawal symptoms


some of the symptoms you get when you stop smoking your last cigarette

head ache


sore or bledding gums


runny nose

flu and colds

in creased appetite

decreased sexual drive

weigh gain

just a few of the symptoms you will come across,etc etc...hope they are of some help to some of can take a day... a week... or a fore it gets to some people..but get to you it just keep the faith and you will get through..all the best tony. P.S.NOT ONE MORE PUFF

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Cheers Tony!

although im moving into my 4th month, i have been withdrawing from NRT Gum the last 24hours!:eek:

and the list you have given just about sums me up at the moment-AHHHHH!!!:eek:

I have learnt to laugh at myself:D-people might think ive been going insane the last 24hours!!!!! but it works for me-my headaches and feeling crap are my reminder that poison is leaving my body at last xxxx:p

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